UW WELL-FIT staff taking a participant's blood pressure while she is walking on the treadmill.

Navigating through the medical vortex of cancer was crazy but my number one goal was to stay focused on a positive outcome. From my first call to UW WELL-FIT, I knew I was in excellent hands.

-UW WELL-FIT participant

What is UW WELL-FIT?

UW WELL-FIT is a unique group exercise program for individuals undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or hormonal therapy treatment for various cancers.

The 12 week exercise program aims to minimize the negative side effects that individuals experience with cancer treatments, and improve quality of life for cancer patients.

Funded jointly by UW Fitness, Grand River Regional Cancer Centre (GRRCC) and charitable donations, UW WELL-FIT was developed in 2002 in partnership with oncologists at the GRRCC.

In addition to the regular 12 week program, UW WELL-FIT offers a graduate program for those who've completed the 12 week program and want to continue with exercise in the same type of environment offered by UW Fitness.

UW WELL-FIT now serves as a model for other institutions interested in initiating similar programs.

For all UW WELL-FIT inquiries, please contact UW Fitness at fitness@uwaterloo.ca or 519-888-4567 ext. 36841.

Minimizing side-effects, maximizing support

Negative side effects of cancer treatment may include fatigue, muscle weakness, nausea, depression, lymphedema, decreased immune system function, weight gain or loss, and decreased aerobic capacity.

Appropriate, individualized exercise programs can help reduce the severity of these symptoms and help individuals with cancer maintain function in day-to-day activities. Many participants report an improvement in physical function with the exercise program, and also appreciate the positive social support network that develops through interactions with others undergoing similar cancer treatment. Read some of their personal stories.

UW WELL-FIT provides an opportunity for individuals with cancer to participate in supervised exercise in a safe, private, supportive small group environment. All participants require clearance from their oncologist prior to participating in UW WELL-FIT, and are closely monitored by certified exercise professionals. See details on how to get started.

Support UW WELL-FIT.

UW WELL-FIT has helped more than 1,000 participants in their battle with cancer. Support UW WELL-FIT to help us expand and continue the fight.