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Schwartz, S., A. Wong, and D. A. Clausi, "Optimized sampling distribution based on nonparametric learning for improved compressive sensing performance", Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, vol. 31, pp. 26-40, 10/2015.
Liu, L., P. Fieguth, D. A. Clausi, and G. Kuang, "Sorted Random Projections for Robust Rotation Invariant Texture Classification", Pattern Recognition, vol. 45, pp. 2405-2418, 05/12, 2012. PDF icon liu-sortedrandomprojections-pr.pdf (2.06 MB)
Liu, L., and P. Fieguth, "Texture classification from random features", IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 34, issue 3, pp. 574 - 586, 2012. PDF icon paper1journallifieguth_final.pdf (2.16 MB)
Liu, L., P. Fieguth, and G. Kuang, "Combining Sorted Random Features for Texture Classification", International Conference on Image Processing, Brussels, 2011. PDF icon lily_icip2011.pdf (203.52 KB)PDF icon liicip2011poster.pdf (488.51 KB)
Liu, L., and P. Fieguth, "Texture classification using compressed sensing", This paper presents a simple, novel, yet very powerful approach for texture classification based on compressed sensing and bag of words model, suitable for large texture database applications with images obtained under unknown viewpoint and illumination. , 2010. PDF icon texture_classification_using_compressed_sensing.pdf (4.52 MB)