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Campaigne, W., and P. Fieguth, "Frozen State Hierarchical Annealing", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 22, pp. 1486-1497, 2013. PDF icon wes-twocolumn-12.pdf (3.48 MB)
Mohebi, A., P. Fieguth, and M. A. Ioannidis, "Statistical fusion of two-scale images of porous media", Advances in Water Resources, vol. 32, pp. 1567 - 1579, 2009. PDF icon statistical_fusion_of_two-scale_images_of_porous_media.pdf (835.81 KB)
Alexander, S. K., P. Fieguth, and E. Vrscay, "Hierarchical annealing for scientific models", 37th IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Montreal, 2004. PDF icon hierarchical_annealing_for_scientific_models.pdf (324.07 KB)
Fieguth, P., "Hierarchical posterior sampling for Gauss-Markov random fields", 2003 International Conference on Image Processing, 2003. PDF icon hierarchical_posterior_sampling_for_gauss-markov_random_fields.pdf (330.69 KB)
Jamieson, M., P. Fieguth, and L. J. Lee, "Parametric contour estimation by simulated annealing", IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Spain, 2003. PDF icon parametric_contour_estimation_by_simulated_annealing.pdf (439.13 KB)