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danielle lindamoodDanielle Lindamood, MES '18 in Sustainability Management (Water), Faculty of Environment

As a graduate student, Lindamood spent eight months in India – first for her thesis, then for a collaborative learning experience with Waterlution, and finally to capture stories about the ways water connects humans and the environment for a documentary project.

Her time in India, matched with the interdisciplinary lens provided by the Collaborative Water Program, inspired her to launch Girls Gone Water – an online platform that combines storytelling and visual media to elevate the powerful work of women around the world to better understand, support, appreciate and protect our water resources.girls gone water logo

"The Collaborative Water Program not only helped me form a deeper appreciation for the importance of my own expertise, but it also enabled me to broaden my water knowledge, refine my ability to communicate across disciplines, and ultimately understand the dire need for collaborative work on water issues."

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An inside look at the Collaborative Water Program by Danielle Lindamood

Watch the teaser video below for Girls Gone Water - India. Experience stories from across India that show the beauty, the hardship, the innovation and the community that thrives around water.