Member publications

The following is a collection of water-related papers and book chapters that Water Institute members have contributed to, ordered by date released online. Note: Authors cited are Waterloo faculty and students. See the original article for the full list of authors.


Machine learning based classification of lake ice and open water from Sentinel-3 SAR altimetry waveforms in Remote Sensing of Environment, co-authored by Claude Duguay.

Microbial methane cycling in a landfill on a decadal time scale in Nature Communications, co-authored by Laura Hug.

'We are all women here in Canada': Intimate bargains in WASH spaces in Social Science and Medicine, co-authored by Abraham Nunbogu and Susan Elliott.

Geochemistry and mineralogy of legacy tailings under a composite cover in Applied Geochemistry, co-authored by Carol Ptacek and David Blowes.

Immune response induced by coinfection of the sea louse Caligus rogercresseyi and the intracellular bacteria Piscirickettsia salmonis in vaccinated Atlantic salmon in Journal of Fish Diseases, co-authored by Brian Dixon.

Three-dimensional structure of cold-water gravity currents in Physical Review Fluids, co-authored by Marek Stastna.

Temporal shifts in the marine feeding of individual Atlantic salmon inferred from scale isotope ratios in Ecology and Evolution, co-authored by Michael Power.

Otolith-inferred patterns of marine migration frequency in Nunavik Arctic charr in Journal of Fish Biology, co-authored by Michael Power.

Examining water risk perception and evaluation in the corporate and financial sector: a mixed methods study in Ontario, Canada in Environmental Research Communications, co-authored by Michael Wood, Horatiu Rus and Jason Thistlethwaite.

Exploring the effects of one-time biochar application with low dosage on soil health in temperate climates in Soil Security, co-authored by Maren Oelbermann.

Carbon’s social cost can’t be retrofitted to water in Nature, co-authored by Dustin Garrick.

Spatial optimization of nutrient reduction measures on agricultural land to improve water quality: A coupled modeling approach in Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, co-authored by Roy Brouwer, Rute PintoJorge Garcia Hernandez, Merrin Macrae and Predrag Rajsic.