Member publications

The following is a collection of water-related papers and book chapters that Water Institute members have contributed to, ordered by date released online. Note: Authors cited are Waterloo faculty and students. See the original article for the full list of authors.


Floodwater farming and quarrying at Jabal Hamra Arlbieg in the Jordanian desert: Economic support for the classical period Faynan Orefield in Journal of Archeological Sciences: Reports, co-authored by Russell Adams.

Linking social wellbeing and intersectionality to understand gender relations in dried fish value chains in Maritime Studies, co-authored by Derek Armitage and Prateep Kumar Nayak.

Removal of arsenic and metals from groundwater impacted by mine waste using zero-valent iron and organic carbon: Laboratory column experiments in Journal of Hazardous Materials, co-authored by Carol Ptacek, Jeff Bain, David Blowes.

Ten Best Practices to Strengthen Stewardship and Sharing of Water Science Data in Canada in Hydrological Processes, co-authored by Bhaleka Persaud, Julianne Mai, and Philippe Van Cappellen.

How much are Canadians willing to pay for clean surface and ground water? A meta-analysis of the Canadian non-market valuation literature in Canadian Water Resources Journal, co-authored by Roy Brouwer and Rute Pinto.

Simulating the cumulative effects of potential open-pit mining and climate change on streamflow and water quality in a mountainous watershed in Science of the Total Environment, co-authored by James Craig.

Approaches and research needs for advancing the protection and recovery of imperilled freshwater fishes and mussels in Canada in Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, co-authored by Kim Cuddington and Michael Power.

The Food Equity and Environmental Data Sovereignty (FEEDS) Project: Protocol for a quasi-experimental study evaluating a digital platform for climate change preparedness in JMIR Research Protocols, co-authored by Kelly Skinner.

Laboratory experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of persulfate to oxidize BTEX in saline environment and at elevated temperature using stable isotopes in Hydrology, co-authored by Jim Barker and Neil Thomson.

Trace-water-induced competitive coordination synthesis and functionalization of porphyrinic metal–organic framework nanoparticles for treatment of hypoxic tumors in ACS Applied Bio Materials, co-authored by Juewen Liu.

A meta-collection of nitrogen stable isotope data measured in Arctic marine organisms from the Canadian Beaufort Sea, 1983–2013 in BMC Research Notes, co-authored by Michael Power and Heidi Swanson.