News archive - April 2021

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Brouwer leads new project: Valuing Canada’s Water Resources and Aquatic Ecosystem Services

water river damn

Executive director of the Water Institute and profressor in Waterloo's Department of Economics, Roy Brouwer, is leading a new project called "Valuing Canada’s Water Resources and Aquatic Ecosystem Services." This project is the largest co-ordinated water valuation research program in Canada, aiming to develop, test and apply reliable and robust state-of-the-art valuation methods and techniques for aquatic ecosystem services in different wate

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Water Institute members receive Arts Award for Excellence in Research

Arts award

Established in 2012 by Dean Doug Peers, the Arts Awards for Service, Teaching and Research recognize exceptional contributions made by faculty, staff and students in the Faculty of Arts. This year, two Water Institute members were awarded the Arts Award for Excellence in Research:  Roy Brouwer, professor in Economics and the executive director of the Water Institute, and Daniel Henstra, professor in Political Science. 

The Faculty of Arts wrote:

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Researchers' work will help the pipeline industry limit the destructive power of bubbles

Researchers have answered key questions to help prevent damage and improve the safety of hydraulic systems used for pipelines, water turbines and other applications.

The work, led by engineers at the University of Waterloo, investigates a phenomenon known as cavitation, or the formation and collapse of destructive gas-filled bubbles resulting from rapid pressure changes in liquids.

Cavitation is behind a well-known party trick that involves shattering the bottom of a liquid-filled bottle by striking its open top with the palm of your hand.

Monday, April 12, 2021

The origin of water on planets in our universe


Professor Michel Fich helps paint the most complete picture ever of how water ends up on newly forming planets

Water is essential for life as we know it – water makes up around 70% of the human body, covers about 70% of the planet Earth, has been found in the far reaches of our universe, and is at the centre of our search for habitable planets around other stars.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Merrin Macrae proposes use of adaptive, cost‐effective conservation practices in watershed planning

Merrin Macrae walking

Agricultural phosphorus losses contributing to eutrophication of surface water is a global concern. The re-eutrophication of Lake Erie over recent decades has emerged as a cautionary lesson in long-term watershed management. Despite controls on phosphorus discharges from point sources, particularly agriculture, and the application of conservation practices on farm fields, harmful and nuisance algal blooms are again common in Lake Erie and affect tourism, recreation, commercial fisheries and property owners in communities in USA and Canada alike.

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