New PhD opportunities: Challenging how we think about water governance

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Are you interested in challenging the ways in which we approach governance for water in Canada. I am recruiting new members for a team that will help me undertake a new five year project: Rethinking water governance: towards a new agenda for research and practice.

The premise behind this project is that the water community has been slow to recognize that actors, institutions and drivers external to the water sector can determine the ability to achieve desired water governance outcomes. How best to respond is an open question. Specific objectives for the project as a whole include (1) evaluating current understanding in the literature of external considerations that affect water governance; (2) identifying and assessing external considerations that are relevant to Canadian water governance; and, (3) charting an agenda for a more systemic approach to research and practice that accounts for external considerations relevant to specific Canadian water governance contexts.

While this is a "water" project, I am recruiting students with a wide range of relevant backgrounds that intersect somehow with water. If you don't have a strong background in water, you'll have a chance to add that expertise during your studies. However, a strong background in and aptitude for working within the broad domain of "environmental governance" is essential. I'm also interested in people who have backgrounds in areas as diverse as climate change, international relations, trade, finance, energy policy, etc. These are all domains that intersect in important ways with water. Contact Rob de Loë to discuss your fit.

As a PhD student member of the team, you'll have the chance to carve out a project within the umbrella of my larger project. The proposal does not define the topics PhD students will address! Instead, I am counting on new PhD students to identify theoretical problems and empirical studies that (a) reflect their interests and expertise, and (b) support the project and help advance its objectives.

Funding is guaranteed for four years.

PhD students working with me will join the Environment and Resource Studies PhD program. This is one of several vibrant PhD programs in the Faculty of Environment. You can expect to be part of a large group of outstanding graduate students, faculty and post-doctoral researchers.

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