Perry (Chih-Hsiung) Chou

519-888-4567 x33310
E6 4004


  • Microbial production of recombinant proteins and therapeutic proteins including industrial enzymes and effective microbial host/vector systems
  • Microbial production of industrial useful metabolites including biohydrogen, biodiesel, and biobutanol
  • Bioprocess development including upstream technology for biological strain construction, midstream technology for bioreaction (e.g., cultivation), and downstream processing for bioproduct recovery and purification
  • Optimization of microbial production including: identification of expression limiting steps, protein secretion (i.e., periplasmic or extracellular expression), surface display, posttranslational issues, physiological manipulation of host strains, in-vivo protein misfolding (i.e., soluble expression), in-vitro protein refolding, fusion-protein technology, molecular manipulation of proteins, pathway knockouts, pathway constructions, etc.
Faculty→Engineering; Position→Faculty; Research Theme→Microbes and Technology, Understanding Microbes