WCMR represents Canada in MicrobiomeSupport

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

In November 2018 MicrobiomeSupport had their official kick-off meeting in Ottawa Canada. The WCMR represented by Director Trevor Charles at the University of Waterloo is the official Canadian partner of this EU led, international organization which is part of Europe's Horizon 2020 funding initiative and FOOD 2030 strategy.MicrobiomeSupport kick-off meeting

MicrobiomeSupport is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) whose goal is to establish an international network of experts and stakeholders in the field of microbiome food system research, elaborating microbiomes from various environments such as terrestrial, plant, aquatic, food and human/animal and assess their applicability and impact on the food system.

MicrobiomeSupport has integrated international partners form Brazil, Canada, South Africa, China, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, India and USA in order to improve the international cooperation and coordination of common bioeconomy research programmes and set a basis for common microbiome R&I agendas.

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