Welcome to the Course Evaluation Project

In 2014, the University of Waterloo's Associate Vice-President, Academic made a commitment to update the mechanism the university uses to capture feedback from students about the quality of their experiences in courses.

The resulting surveys fulfil a number of important functions at UWaterloo, including:

  • Collecting formative and summative data to help improve the design and delivery of courses and the student learning experience;
  • Providing students with an avenue to voice their learning experiences.

In conjunction with other sources of information, they also provide useful information that can be used for matters of merit, including reappointment, tenure, and promotion (see UWaterloo policy 77).

The Course Evaluation Project Team (CEPT) has developed a survey instrument that is: 

  • Informed by the key institutional teaching and learning priorities at UW;
  • Designed to measure key aspects of student learning identified in the literature;
  • Designed to measure course features that are observable by students;
  • Designed to measure various course formats and/or delivery methods.
  1. Aug. 4, 2020Recommendations from UW Senate (May 2020)

    In January 2020, Deans council and the Provost approved a series of recommendations proposed by the Course Evaluation Project Team (CEPT). In May 2020, University of Waterloo Senate passed the motion to move forward with implementation of the new Student Course Perceptions instrument in 2021. The following is a summary of key recommendations (for a detailed description of these recommendations **insert link**).

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