WESEF funding criteria.

The funds raised by the Waterloo Environment Student Endowment Fund (WESEF) are used as an on-going commitment to improving the undergraduate and graduate education in the Faculty of Environmental Studies. Its initiation and operation is student based, which enables the students to have a direct influence over their academic environment. The Board of Directors for WESEF accepts proposals for funding which support projects that will enhance the environmental studies educational experience at the University of Waterloo. Broadly speaking, this can include funding for capital projects or onetime operating projects such as public speakers or conference attendance - please see our list of past purchases for a better idea of the types of projects WESEF has funded.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for funding, either an individual or group must fulfil all of the following criteria:

  • All prospective recipients must be full-time undergraduate students or graduate students within the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo.
  • Applicants may not have previously applied for a WESEF contribution refund.
  • Proposals must contain estimated costing and have approval from the appropriate authorities (e.g., Mapping, Analysis & Design (MAD), Plant Operations).
  • Please ensure that a complete formal estimate of costs is included with your submission. This may include, but is not limited to, invoices, online quotes, or costs given by Plant Operations.
  • The proposal is not for a field trip (be it personal or otherwise) or on-going, operating costs of a project.

Funding criteria

WESEF uses the following criteria to evaluate proposals we receive. A proposal does not necessarily need to meet all of these criteria to receive funding, but meeting a greater number of criteria improves the odds of a project receiving funding.

WESEF prefers projects that:

  • Contribute to the enhancement of educational or student life in Environment (ENV).
  • Benefit ENV students at large rather than individual recipients.
  • Are applicable to multiple departments/schools within ENV.
  • Have a cost which is comparable to the benefits received to ENV and should be reasonable in relation to the funds available and the other proposals received.
  • Are seeking one-time funding, not ongoing. Applicants are encouraged to review past proposals and awards to avoid repetition.
  • Lack capacity to acquire funds through other sources.

Applying for funding

Please use our online application form to apply for funding. You can also submit a hard-copy to WESEF through our mailbox located in room Environment 1 (EV1) room 330, or via email at wesef@uwaterloo.ca. You may submit as many proposals in a term as you wish. Proposals can be for any amount, although it is helpful to remember that our budget most terms ranges between $30,000 and $40,000 dollars, although in rare cases, we may consider a proposal greater than that.

Once the board has received and reviewed all the proposals for the term, proponents will be invited to give a presentation to the Board about their proposal and to answer questions concerning it. If the applicant/representative is unable to attend, the request will not be considered.

Proposals received in summer term will be considered in fall term.​

Receiving funding

The WESEF Board of Directors provides acceptance letters to successful applicants which confirm the extent of funding, should your proposal be accepted. This funding decision cannot be altered. The amount you receive is the amount you will be funded. If your purchase price is higher than expected, it is your responsibility to cover the difference. The endowment fund will not provide you with additional funding.

If you have any other questions about writing or submitting a WESEF proposal, WESEF can be contacted at wesef@uwaterloo.ca.

Deadlines for proposal applications are set each term. Notices will be sent out via the Environment student Listserve, or contact wesef@uwaterloo.ca for more information.