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Joanne Atlee

Joanne M Atlee


I am interested in all aspects of software modelling, documentation, and analysis. I am particularly interested in what I call practical formalisms -- specification and design notations that are practitioner-friendly and yet have a precise semantics that is suitable for automated analysis.

Pourya Shaker

Pourya Shaker

Post-doctoral Fellow
Feature Oriented Requirement Modeling and Analysis.
Alma Juarez Dominguez

Alma Juarez Dominguez

PhD Graduate Student (May 2005 – April 2012)

Verification Engineer
Apple Inc.
September 2013 - Present

Photo of Nancy Day

Nancy Day

Associate Professor

I investigate the use of models and formal analysis to improve the quality and safety of software-intensive systems. I work mainly at the requirements level on models of system behaviour. I am particularly interested in providing configurable, optimized tools and methodologies to support the use of custom, formal models in specific domains.

Zarrin Langari

Zarrin Langari

PhD Graduate Student (September 2003 – October 2010)

Software Engineer
Canada ... - Ottawa


Sandy Beidu

PhD Candidate


PhD Candidate, University of Waterloo MSc, African University of Sci and Tech. BSc, Computer Engineering, Kwame Nkrumah University of Sci. and Tech.

Teaching Assistantship

Software Architecture and Design (CS 646)  Software Requirements and Specification (CS 445) Software Abstraction and Specification (CS 246) Introduction to Computer Science 2 (CS 116)  Introduction to Computer Science 1 (CS 115) 




Derek Rayside

Assistant Professor

I am Assistant Professor in Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I teach primarily Software Engineering courses, as well as software courses in ECE.

Photo of Parsa

Parsa Pourali

PhD Student

B.Sc., Software Engineering
Islamic Azad University, Iran

M.Sc., Computer Science
Concordia Univeristy, Canada

Ph.D. Student
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Univerisity of Waterloo

Bryan Muscedere

MMath Student


Rafael Olaechea

Phd Student

B.Sc., Computer Science, Mcgill University

MMath, Computer Science, University of Waterloo

I am interested in Software Product Lines and how to apply them to improve the software creation process.

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