WISE Automated Driving System (ADS) is a self-driving car software stack developed by WISE Lab. WISE ADS is a derivative of Autonomoose. It consists of the following components in these three functional areas:

Sensor drivers

Novatel Span Driver (produces GNSS data @ 20 Hz and IMU data @ 100 Hz)

Velodyne Lidar Driver (produces point cloud @ 20 Hz)

snapshot of busy intersection

This project involves the development of models of naturalistic human driving behaviour in order to test, validate, and verify behaviour planners of autonomous vehicles


We are implementing a simulator for WISE Automated Driving System (ADS). The simulator is based on UnrealEngine 4.21.

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WiseMove is a modular safe deep reinforcement learning framework for motion planning, combining hierarchical learning and temporal logic constraints.

The project is hosted at

Assurance process model

The project objective is to develop methods for assuring the safety of systems that rely on machine learning, such as automated vehicles.

Machine Learning (ML) in Driving Automation

WISE Drive Overview

What is WISE Drive?

WISE Drive is a framework for analyzing and specifying driving behavior requirements on ADS-operated vehicles. Other uses include

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We are looking for postdocs and graduate students interested in working on all aspects of autonomous driving.

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