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EV1 349

Transportation geography, road safety; risk assessment; global change.

519-888-4567, x35795
EV2 2013
Alternate Tel: 519-496-2871
Community-based resource management, conservation and development, political ecology, Canada's North and Indonesia.
519-884-1970, x2387
Arts 3C14

Local labour markets, changing work arrangements, gender, paid and unpaid work, quality of life.

519-884-1970, x2604
BSIA 247

Sustainable communities, food studies, economic geography, corporate social responsibility.

519-884-1970, x2993
Arts 3C13

Great Lakes sand dunes, coastal dune management, beach management, sand dune morphodynamics and ecology; coastal change; sand transport on coasts; coastal applications in GIS.

519-884-1970 ext. 2609

Tourism, marketing, and economic development. Tourism image and recreation; special events.

519-888-4567, x33404
EV1 102
Geographic Information Systems; land use change; common pool resources; agent-based modelling and simulation; climate change.
519-888-4567, x33384
EV1 220

On sabbatical leave until June 30, 2017

Resource and environmental management in developing countries, hazards and hazard mitigation, environmental impact assessment, sustainable development, capacity building, waste management, parks and protected areas.

519-884-1970, x2044

Urban transportation geography; human activity-travel patterns; decision processes; interactive and computer-based social survey methods; use of GPS and GIS for data collection; integrated land-use and transportation modelling; gender issues; urban planning and policy assessment; energy efficiency and emissions; impact of telecommunications.

519-888-4567, x33610
EV1 125

Climate-cryosphere interactions; northern hydrology; microwave remote sensing; numerical modelling.

519-888-4567, x31107
EV1 232

Environment and health, medical geography, global environment, urban social geography, philosophy and method

519-888-4567, x35493
EV3 3237

GIS, multi-criteria evaluation methods for land management, spatial decision support systems, public facility systems.

519-888-4567, x36855
EV1 230

Global climate change; climate modelling and dynamics; extratropical teleconnections and seasonal-to-decadal climate variability; land-ocean-atmosphere interaction; the representation of climate feedback processes in general circulation models.

519-888-4567, x33407
EV2 2037

Environmental and sustainability policy issues; decision-making successes and failures in environmental planning, assessment and regulation in various Canadian jurisdictions; environmental assessment law and process, the development of environmental thought.

519-888-4567 ext. 33027

Ecology; environmental planning; emphasis in waste management planning; municipal and industrial waste management; international focus in southeast Asia.

519-884-1970, x2061
Arts 2E11
Climate change and paleoclimatology; hydrology and geomorphology of karst terrains in cold regions.
519-884-0710, x2076
Arts 3E15
Cultural-historical geography and environmental history; European forest history; political uses of landscape ideals; 19th- and 20th-century Germany; environmental ethics.
EV1 212

Perception in the broadest sense, in particular vision and image processing, pattern recognition, non-linear and adaptive systems. More generally, systems thinking and design as knowledge integration.

519-888-4567, x33078
EV1 236

Community development, the inclusion of volunteered geographic information in governance, crowdsourced planning support systems and web-harvesting on-line content.

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RAC 3102

Climate and society: patterns of variability, assessment of impact, especially water resources; especially Israel and Arctic Canada.

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EV1 119
Remote sensing of the cryosphere, especially snow and ice environments; hydrology and climatology of the cryosphere; energy and mass balance modelling of cryospheric processes; developing new remote sensing technologies.
519-888-4567, x32783
EV1 121

Global change, Arctic dynamic meteorology; atmospheric synoptic studies; remote sensing of sea ice; micrometeorology; land use from LANDSAT; radiation modelling from digital terrain models and remotely sensed imagery; remote sensing of corals.

519-888-4567, x34504
EV1 111
Remote sensing of inland and coastal waters; Remote sensing of renewable energy potential; 3D infrastructure modeling using mobile laser scanning data; Earth observation of global changes; Online risk and emergency mapping; Spatio-temporal modeling of dynamic phenomena.
519-888-4567, 38648
EV2 2029

Water governance and water policy: water security, water allocation, drinking water source protection, and adaptation to climate change.

519-888-4567, x33064
EV1 237

Biogeochemical cycling in natural and impacted systems (agriculture, wetlands, forest) under variable climatic regimes and following disturbance or land use change.

519-888-4567 X35614
EV3 4253

Governance and sustainable communities, public health and healthy communities, local public policy and administration, natural resources and environmental policy and administration, Canadian/Brazilian studies, political ecology, silos and systems, political communications.

519-884-0710, x2653

Human dimensions of environmental change, with particular attention to the relationship between environment and human migration; rural adaptation to climatic variability and change; and, fostering citizen participation in environmental science.

519-884-0710 ext. 2967

Landscape ecology, environmental monitoring, ecotourism.

519-888-4567 x33285
EV1 224

Population growth, counterurbanization and heritage tourism within Canada's non-metropolitan settlements.


Migration and political geography,struggles over border enforcement, asylum, and detention.

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EV2 2034

Restoration ecology, conservation, and management of natural and built environments.

519-756-8228 ext. 5718

Community vulnerability and capacity in the management of both natural and technological risks and disasters including nuclear fuel waste facilities, tornadoes, electricity power failures and water-borne contamination. Special areas of interest include social capital and environmental justice.

519-888-4567 x31239
EV1 124

Exploring the links between biodiversity conservation and tourism, particularly in areas of resolving conflicts between wildlife agencies and local communities, tourism impacts on the environment (in parks and protected areas, and remote communities), community participation, and local level development through tourism. Current research focus is in Nepal, Thailand and Western Canada.

519-888-4567 X37552
EV2 2008

Soil ecosystems, especially in tropical regions, and agroforestry.

519-888-4567 x32791
EV3 4259

Japan and Pacific economy; local economic development; Australian/Canadian resources; global resource trade; energy and environment; impact assessment.

519-888-4567 x39174
EV1 223

Temperate and cold regions wetland hydrology and climatology; ecohydrology; wetland restoration; ecology and disturbance of boreal wetlands; land-use change and agriculture.

519-888-4567 x35397
EV2 1029
Hydrology and geochemistry of coastal, maritime and boreal wetlands, and peatland restoration.
519-884-1970 ext. 3281

Hydrological processes of cold regions, including the influence of the severe climate, permafrost, patterned ground, and organic terrains on snow cover, snowmelt, evaporation, runoff processes and pathways, and streamflow. The integration of these processes with regional climate/hydrology models.

519-884-1970 ext. 2420

Spatial data models and data structures; landscape ecology; combinatorial optimization; genetic algorithms; applied graph theory; scientific visualization; PC cluster (Beowulf) computing.

519-884-1970 ext. 4757

Currently my research is exploring the use of volunteered geographic information in environmental research, spatial and space-time modelling of emerging disease risk, and spatial model validation techniques. The intersection of data-intensive computing, novel geographical analyses, and open source technologies forms the basis for much of my research.

519-888-4567 x31789
EV1 105A

Agent-based modelling as an approach to integrate GIS, ecological, and human decision-making models to evaluate socio-economic contexts and policy scenarios on changes to land use and land cover, ecological function and the provision of ecosystem services, and human well-being.

519-888-4567 x37012
EV1 114

Agro-food system sustainability, local food systems, organic and ecological agriculture, environment-development interfaces, small-scale producers, rural livelihoods, international development, East Asia (China, Vietnam) and Canada.

519-888-4567 x35497
EV1 106

Climate change impacts and adaptation, tourism and recreation, protected areas, resource and environmental management.

519-884-1970 ext. 2684

Geographic information systems and their application to geographic education and socioeconomic development at different scales.

519-884-1970 ext. 2781

Regional environmental planning; protected areas; systems and ecosystem approaches to environmental management; resource and environmental policy; cumulative effects assessment; northern and western Canada, Alaska, Australia, North American Great Lakes, Italy.

519-888-4567 x33067
EV1 112

Environmental management; sediment/water interactions; river ecology and restoration; drainage basin hydrology.

Tel: 519-888-4567 ext. 33184

Natural resource planning and management; protected areas planning; landscape ecology of boreal forests and of urban areas; fire ecology; global warming; ecological restoration; community and economic development in small northern communities, environmental assessment.

519-888-4567 x38615
EV3 4253

International Development, South Africa.

519-888-4567 x38772
EV1 103A

Geographic information systems (GIS); remote sensing; spatial statistics; ecosystem modelling and environmental monitoring; public health and medical geography applications; climate change.

519-888-4567 x33278
EV3 4231

Economic geography; urban and regional economic development and policy; creative and cultural economy of cities; labour market dynamics and workforce development; design, innovation and technological change.

519-888-4567 x38669
EV1 126

Human dimensions of global change; adaptation to climate change; vulnerability; drought management; agriculture; climate change.

519-884-1970 ext. 3470
Isotope hydrology and paleohydrology, paleolimnology, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, climate change, northern hydrology, Mackenzie Basin Deltas.