Campus Issues

The Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) works with groups within the University of Waterloo to resolve issues that affect students. WUSA also conducts surveys, focus groups, and more to learn about students' needs.

Academic Committees and Councils

There are numerous committees and councils that focus on academic issues at the University of Waterloo. They are the Senate Undergraduate Council, Cooperative Education Council, Academic Integrity Advisory Council, Copyright Advisory Committee, and Student Technology Advisory Committee.

Senate Undergraduate Council
The Senate Undergraduate Council  External Link is a group of student leaders and University of Waterloo staff members that meet to discuss issues and initiatives that affect students and faculties including the approval of new courses, and changes to existing courses.

Cooperative Education Council
The Cooperative Education Council  External Link consists of student leaders including the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association's Vice-President Education, and University of Waterloo staff members. It tackles issues regarding the co-op program including international employment relations and enrollment.

Academic Integrity Advisory Council
The Academic Integrity Advisory Council  External Link includes student leaders and University of Waterloo staff members. It focuses on issues related to academic integrity including plagiarism.

Copyright Advisory Committee
The Copyright Advisory Committee  External Link was established by the University of Waterloo's Provost. The committee includes representative from WUSA. Among its responsibilities are ensuring that the University's main copyright website is updated.

Student Technology Advisory Committee
The Student Technology Advisory Committee  External Link includes student leaders and University of Waterloo staff members. It works to ensure technology is accessible for everyone on campus, and tackles issues brought forward by students such as delays.

Academic Affairs

The Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association is dedicated to engaging with student leaders and working with University personnel to ensure that issues relating to the quality and fairness of the academic environment on-campus are brought forward. Among other things, we are engaged on issues relating to academic integrity, students’ rights, teaching quality, course delivery, access to technology, teaching and learning spaces, and co-op. For more information, or to voice a concern about an academic issue, please contact Maya Venters (Academic Affairs Commissioner) at

Petitions, Grievances, and Appeals

Students who feel an instructor or support unit at the university have not obeyed rules within the university or that they have been mistreated they may wish to file a grievance.

If a student feels they have been treated according to the rules, but may have exceptional circumstances that may require compassion or co-operation with the university to obtain an exception, they may wish to submit a petition.

The Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association also offers assistance to students facing this process, as well as appealing disciplinary decisions.

For more information, and potential assistance in understanding and putting together a petition, grievance or appeal, contact the Centre for Academic Policy Support at


Student Space

The Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association values student space. We will protect it, improve it, and increase it when possible. Whether its study space, event space, or service space – we need to make sure our campus environment matches our increases in enrolment.

Student Services

The Student Services Advisory Committee  External Link (SSAC) works with student leaders to advise the vice-president, academic & provost on issues regarding proposals for increases, decreases or redistribution of services, the Student Services Fee and more. For discussion on student services and the fee, contact the SSAC.

Diversity and Equity

The Diversity Advisory Committee  External Link consists of student leaders and University of Waterloo staff members. It addresses issues, projects, and initiatives that are related to diversity on campus.

Waterloo Campus Safety

If you have a concern about your safety in an area or item on campus, please notify us by completing the Campus Safety Online Form. If you have an urgent concern about you or someone else’s safety, please contact UW Police at 519-888-4911.

WUSA Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Awards

Every year, undergraduate students of the University of Waterloo will have the opportunity to recognize professors that have shown outstanding contribution towards undergraduate learning. The professors winning the WUSA Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award will have employed non-conventional teaching techniques, allowed opportunities for experiential learning and shown a long term commitment and dedication towards ensuring academic success for undergraduate students. Nominate a teacher today!


The Senate  External Link is the highest academic decision-making body at the University of Waterloo. Its 90+ members are responsible for approving degree and program requirements, conferring degrees, and setting the academic regulations across campus and in each Faculty. It consists of a mix of faculty members, University administrators, and elected student representatives.

The student senators – each elected for two-year terms – are listed below:

  •  AHS: Aiman Fatima
  •  Arts: Robyn Clarke 
  •  Engineering: Sam Rubin
  •  Environment: Emma Schuste
  •  Mathematics: Vacancy
  •  Science: Vacancy
  •  At-Large: Sabrina Khandakar
  •  At-Large: Samer Zu'Mot