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Through the Marketing & Communications Department, the Federation of Students is pleased to offer event ticket printing for events affiliated with Feds, including club events, society events, special event initiatives (Welcome Week, Waterloo Team Feds, Feds Diversity Education Team, Feds Trips, etc.).

As of January 2013, the Feds Marketing & Communications Department will be moving to a new form of providing tickets for all Feds clubs, societies, events, and initiatives that we run. With a new Feds thermal ticket printer, we will be able to provide you with a fresh, professional, and sleek way to be able to promote your event with students. There are countless ways the new thermal ticket system will benefit you, and your event or initiative, including:

  • Added Convenience: Now that tickets can be produced in-house, you can expect to get them prepared and in your hands much more quickly – within 3 daytime business days (Mon-Fri, 9-4)! If you need more tickets later on, we can easily print more by having you complete the form below and selecting “I am requesting additional tickets to be printed from a previous order”.
  • More Affordable: It is now much more affordable for your tickets to be printed. Previously, full-colour tickets cost approximately 16 cents each, but now you can expect to pay just $0.05 per ticket! No more set-up fees!
  • Reduces on Counterfeit Tickets: With the specially designed thermal ticket template, you can expect to see less students potentially photocopying your tickets and trying to pass it off as genuine.
  • Professional & Standardized Appearance: Just like the tickets to a big show at the Humanities Theatre, your ticket will have a sleek, professional look! We will be able to add a black-printed club logo onto the ticket, but it will otherwise be standardized with event content only.
  • Improved Sustainability: Often, clubs spent money printing extra tickets thn needed to save on additional set-up fees. Now, you can print the amount of tickets you think you’ll realistically need.

Process to Request Tickets
Please complete the form below to submit your ticket request. Upon receipt of your ticket request:

  1. If you are a Feds club/society/service, the request will be reviewed by the appropriate Campus Life staffperson to ensure you have already submitted an Event Request Form.
  2. Once approved, your request will be processed with the Feds Marketing & Communications Department. The Feds ticket will be created and a mock-up will be submitted to you for approval.
  3. Once you have approved the ticket mock-up, it will be sent to print.
  4. The tickets will be submitted to the Feds Accounting Receivable Clerk to process the tickets and ensure they are ready for sale.
  5. Once the tickets are processed with Accounting:
  • For Campus Life/Clubs/Society events, the appropriate Campus Life person will contact you to arrange pick-up of your tickets.
  • For official Feds events, the Feds staffperson who is organizing the event will be given the tickets.

Please expect 2-3 daytime business days (Mon-Fri, 9-4) for your tickets to be processed.

If you have any questions about the ticket process, contact the Marketing & Communications Assistant at marketing@feds.ca.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

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Note: Events held at Hagey Hall Theatre must use Hagey Hall Theatre's ticketing system. In this case, please contact Peter Carette, peter.carette@uwaterloo.ca. All other locations must use Feds ticketing.
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Below, indicate the ticket category and rate tiers that you wish to charge for your event. (i.e. Waterloo Students, Guests, Members, Advance Tickets, Complimentary etc.)
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If there are additional pieces of information you would like to have communicated on your ticket, or any special requests, please indicate below. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests.