Note: WUSA Club Event forms must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to your clubs' event.

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Event Form

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

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All Clubs are responsible for the cleanliness and organization of their booked space. Failure to leave the space in the original (or better) condition than found may be subject to additional cleaning fees and/or loss of booking privileges.
Reoccurring: * (required)
Will this event be recurring during this term?
Target Audience: * (required)
Who is invited to this event?
Promotion: * (required)
Do you require a table in the SLC Market Place to Promote the event?
Table Date - Day 1
Limited to 3 days per event and/or per month.
Table Date - Day 2
Table Date - Day 3
How will you advertise the event?
The WUSA Marketing Department can design banners, posters and/or flyers for you for free and print for you at a reasonable price (see Marketing Communications page for pricing details). For such assistance please login to and submit a Marketing Request. Please allow 3-4 business days for your request to be complete. Remember that if you are creating your own posters, they must have the WUSA club logo on them (found at the bottom of this page Important Forms. All posters must be approved by the Clubs manager or the WUSA Marketing Department before being used.
If the event is free, insert value as "0".
Is this a ticketed event? * (required)
Please ensure all revenues are deposited into the WUSA drop box immediately after the event. If you require a cashbox or float, please book through WUSA Reception in the Main Office. If you would like to use physical tickets, please contact the Clubs Manager to inquire about the process. To set up ticketfi please contact the Clubs Manager at
Alcohol must follow UW Policy #21 in addition to any specific venue rules and regulations.
Food Service: * (required)
Will food be served at your event?
Will your food preparation occur onsite? * (required)
Examples of food preparation include cooking the food on site, or events like the Night Market. BBQs following Feds BBQ policy do not require a food form.
Will your event be using hot or cold holding AND service of hazardous foods for more than 2 hours? * (required)
Hazardous food is meat, dairy, rice, or anything else that will go bad if it sits out at room temperature. Baked goods are Non-hazardous.
Your event requires you to submit a request to the Region of Waterloo Public Health Department. Please complete and submit this form at least 10 days prior to the event. A link for the Special Event Food Vendor Application will be provided upon submission of this form as well as in your confirmation email.
Feds Assistance in Booking Transportation
Pick up Date
Pick up Time
Return trip
Return Pick up Date
Return Pick up Time
AV Requirements:
The AV form is now online. Please note that any equipment loan requests require at least 3 business days' notice and will charge late fees if the equipment isn't returned before the deadline. Please confirm any details/questions/cost with ITMS
Do you require a cash box for this event? * (required)
You are able to borrow a cash box and a float of up to $75. You will be required to leave a Watcard or a $60 cash deposit with WUSA accounting until your cash box and float are returned. Please fill out the details below to get a cash box and float reserved for you.
If you require a cashbox or float, please book directly through WUSA Reception either in person in the WUSA Main Office (SLC 1116), email:, or phone: x84042. Bookings can be made as early as the week before your event. Float requests over $75 require Clubs Manager approval. Please ensure all revenues are deposited into the WUSA drop box immediately after the event. Please deposit the float separately from the event revenues generated.
Is your club spending money on this event? * (required)
Please submit a budget to the Clubs Manager showing all expected expenses, revenues, and revenue sources.
If your club is spending money on this event, please ensure your club has enough money in your club account before running your event. It is recommended to make a budget for the club to work with, but since it is less than $500, the Clubs Manager is not required to see your budget.
Please confirm with the Feds Finance office that your club has enough funds to cover the cost of this event.
Campus Response Team (UWCRT): * (required)
UWCRT serves to increase the safety at specific events and across campus as a whole by providing volunteers who are trained in standard first aid, CPR-HCP, and who are equipped with medical supplies. PLEASE NOTE: CRT will be in contact with the event coordinator within 72 hours. All coverage requests are welcome, however, we require a minimum of two (2) weeks notice prior to the event to guarantee coverage.