Food Vendor Form  External Link

Food forms require 10 business days’ processing time by the Region of Waterloo Public Health Department.

Please submit a special event form if the event is open to the general public:

  1. Food preparation is occurring on site of event or at the WUSA Prep Kitchen for the event (ie. Night Market)
  2. Hot or cold holding AND service of hazardous foods for more than 2 hours

For more information on properly serving food at events on-campus, please explore Health Services’ webpages on Food Safety

No need to submit a special event form if: 

  1. Sale or distribution of non perishable food or prepackaged items only (cookies, cake, muffins, Krispy Kreme donuts, coffee, tea, popcorn)
  2. A club meeting where there is food served
  3. A departmental or club member only pot luck 
  4. A catered event or meeting with food intended for immediate consumption (ie. Food Services or an inspected facility)
  5. A charity food sale with food purchased from inspected facility (eg. Pizza sale with pizza supplied from Campus Pizza, Krispy Kreme donut sale)
  6. BBQ’s on campus where there is only precooked burgers and/or precooked hot dogs served

Note: Where forms are submitted under the above circumstances, The Region of Waterloo Public Health Department will not reply regarding any approvals.