WUSA Advocates:

We called on the University to proactively move to online delivery and encouraged the cancellation of mass exams ✔ 

We asked for student self-verification on Verification of Illness forms 

Parking Services agreed to our request to provide prorated refunds to students with parking passes [more info below] ✔

We are advocating to the federal government for extensions to visas by Immigration and Refugees Canada for international students, those travelling abroad, or who have no method of travel [TBD] 

We are looking into offering increased capacity of our petition and grievance support for students who may have their academics negatively impacted due to illness and self-isolation [TBD]

We have asked for either partial refunds or a carry forward on meal plans that will no longer be of use to students this term ✔ 

We have reached out to Athletics & Recreation for partial refunds for personal training, classes, intramurals, and any other athletic activities [TBD]

We have reached out to Campus Housing to ask for partial refunds for those who are living in residence and leaving early this term ✔  

WUSA is determining what the implications for government announcements are on international students and students abroad [TBD] 

WUSA lobbied to allow professors to move to a CR/NCR grading scheme for their class, although numerical schemes are preferred, and to create an easy mechanism for students to choose CR/NCR for themselves at the end of term ✔

WUSA created a support fund from the Student Life Endowment Fund to help students who are struggling financially as a result of COVID-19 ✔

We have reached out to Co-operative and Experiential Education to advocate for students’ co-op work terms completed in their home countries to count for credit [TBD]

Are we missing something? Email Michael and we’ll do what we can to bring your feedback to the University.