An Allegation is an accusation made that a candidate or referendum campaign committee has done something wrong during the Election period, and is the main mechanism in place to ensure the adherence of procedure and subsequently, the fairness of the election. Allegations remain assertions until they can be proved. Allegation forms exist to streamline the volume of allegations that come in and to help prevent duplicate reports of the same incident. The subject of the allegation can be a candidate, a team, or a referendum campaign committee.

Appeals are requests from the alleged to change to the Elections and Referenda Officer’s (ERO) official decision. The Elections and Referenda Committee (ERAC) hears all appeals and should include any new information that has come forward.

ERAC may do any of the following:

  1. Uphold the original decision
  2. Alter the penalty of the original decision, within the limits of this procedure
  3. Refer the ERO to review a decision in light of new information or with consideration to a specific section of this procedure
  4. Overturn the decision

If you’re unsure whether or not a violation has occurred, you’re encouraged to report it to the ERO and who will then figure out if it is a violation of procedure or not.