Feds Senate By-Election

Be the next student leader!

Nominations for the annual WUSA elections are open Oct 23 until Jan 23.

Take the first step in becoming the next student leader – your voice is our voice, and we are ready for you. Nominations are just a click away at vote.wusa.ca and to help you on your way we’ve put together everything you need to know before nominating yourself (or someone else).

Available Positions:

Check back soon for available positions.

How to Nominate:

As long as you’re a Waterloo undergrad, you can run for a WUSA election.

Step one:

Check out the elections page for any active elections (that you’re eligible for*).

  • You’re eligible for a current election AND nominations period is still open?! Awesome, proceed to step three.
  • No active elections? Don’t be discouraged, proceed to step two.

*All current Waterloo undergrads are eligible to run for a position on the WUSA Executive or an at-large undergrad seat on Waterloo’s Senate. You are also eligible for your faculty specific seat on WUSA​​​​​ Students’ Council and Waterloo’s Senate.

Step two:

Missed the last election? There may still be an available position on Students’ Council. Check out vacancies for the current year on the Council page and contact your WUSA President to let them know you’re interested in running for the seat.

If it’s the winter term just hang tight for May 1 when that page will be updated with the folks elected in during the winter general election, along with any vacancies. By-elections typically happens in the spring and fall for the current year.*

*Senate does things a little differently, all seats for the following academic year need to be filled by the March meeting of the current year (Senate, By-Law 3, section 2.01a External Link). So, any Senate vacancies left open after our annual general election in February will need to be filled in a by-election before that meeting happen.

Step three:

Read the words below, know the words below, and then get ready for the final step.

  • WUSA Executive and Senate at-large nominees:
    • Require 100 signatures to be nominated
    • Any Waterloo undergraduate student can sign your nomination form
  • Students’ Council and faculty specific student Senate nominees:
    • Require 25 signatures to be nominated
    • Only Waterloo undergraduate students in your respective faculty are eligible to sign your council nomination form, as these are the constituents you are running to represent
  • Completed applications are due by 4 p.m. on the last day of the Nominations Period
  • There is a mandatory All Candidates Meeting where you will learn important information about the elections process and the campaigning period. See important dates on the elections page for notice of the meeting
    • If you cannot attend the meeting, please email the Elections & Referenda Officer (ERO) as soon as possible to arrange an alternate option
    • In special cases (sometimes a by-election, for example) the ERO may forego an in-person All Candidates Meeting and instead will share the information via email once nominations period closes. You’ll know if that’s the case if there is no meeting listed under important dates.
  • Candidates are responsible for becoming familiar with the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association's bylaw, Elections & Referenda Procedures, and all other applicable organizational documents available through the WUSA Library
  • Candidates are encouraged to submit their information through the Campaign Support page as soon as possible to be included online and in any applicable WUSA Elections promotional materials
  • The WUSA Elections logo*, as well as other assistance for candidates is available on the Campaign Support page
    *The logo will be updated for the 2019-2020 WUSA Elections.

Step four: 

It’s time to take action, nominations are just a click away at vote.wusa.ca. Waterloo undergrads can nominate you from anywhere by logging in with their WatIAM.


Though the online nomination form is preferred, you can complete a paper package* instead and return to the WUSA main office before the nomination period closes.
*During an active nomination period, these will be available for download here and at the WUSA main office.

Remember, you have until 4 p.m. on the last day of voting to get your nomination form completed.