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Oktober with a 'k'? But 'y'!?

Saturday, October 12, 2019 - 11:00 | Written By: Sabrina Guillen

  A festival on the horizon Because it's German! Some of you have probably been religiously preparing for Halloween even before fall reared its pumpkin spice head. The tricks and treats are what you live for. However, I bet that there are others...

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By-election results are in!

Friday, October 11, 2019 - 01:30 | Written By: Katherine Bradshaw

The results of the by-elections for ENG, ENV and AHS are in! Overall voter turnout was 6.81%, with a total of 12 contenders for the four open seats for these three faculties. Congratulations to our new Councillors, who take office effective today ...

The Bomber

Sparks fly: The Bomber update  

Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 10:15 | Written By: Katherine Bradshaw

At Students’ Council this past Sunday, Seneca Velling – your WUSA Vice President of Operations & Finance – shared a proposal for the repurposing of The Bombshelter Pub space. We know this is an update many of you have been wondering about, but...

Fashion show, center stage

Sustainability is always in fashion

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 16:15 | Written By: Erin Kuepfer

"How often do you make an active decision to choose to live sustainably every day? Sustainable fashion isn't a trend, it's a mindset and a lifestyle." - Unknown What is it and why does it matter? "Fast-fashion" and "sustainable fashion." We...


Why should I bother voting?

Friday, October 4, 2019 - 10:00 | Written By: Sabrina Guillen

October 21, 2019. Does that date mean anything to you? If not, this is the date of the upcoming Canadian federal election. The results of the votes you cast will determine the next members of the House of Commons to the Canadian Parliament and...

Hello October

October Roundup: Can't Miss Events!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - 18:00 | Written By: Erin Kuepfer

Well Warriors, it’s officially October! The first month of school has come and gone, and now full fall-mode is upon us. Time to break out the sweaters, turtlenecks and blanket scarves. That much anticipated Thanksgiving dinner is right around the...

General Meeting

The Breakdown: What is a general meeting?

Friday, September 27, 2019 - 09:15 | Written By: Sabrina Guillen

With the Canadian federal election fast approaching, you’ve likely been reminded or encouraged to exercise your right to vote. Whether you plan on voting or not, the fact remains that the franchise (a fancy word for voting) is the best way for your...

Global Climate Strike

Winter is not coming, but we are!

Thursday, September 26, 2019 - 09:45 | Written By: Michael Beauchemin and Amanda FitzPatrick

Notice of office closure: Your Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) office will be closed Friday, September 27 from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., as staff join the Global Climate Strike [external link] in Waterloo Town Square. Totally...

Welcome Week event

Spotlight: Welcome Week Volunteers, Divya Patel and Kori Sockett

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 - 12:00 | Written By: Erin Kuepfer

  Well Warriors, this fall’s Welcome Week is another one for the books! Your Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association welcomed new and returning students to campus in style with everything from sweet treats, to a comedy show, to an epic carnival...

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Correction: General Meeting Email

Monday, September 23, 2019 - 16:30 | Written By: Michael Beauchemin

A version of this email from the President was sent to all undergraduate students on September 23, 2019. This version has been updated with corrected information in bold. Hey Warriors,  WUSA needs you. As the annual general meeting draws nearer,...

OUSA at Campus Life Fair

Taking a stand against OSAP cuts

Thursday, September 19, 2019 - 13:15 | Written By: Erin Kuepfer

It feels like yesterday that the Ontario Government announced dramatic changes to the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). But it wasn’t yesterday. Since January, hundreds of thousands of students across Ontario have been feeling the pressure...

Students' Council Meeting

Housing Market Crisis: Student Pushback

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 13:00 | Written By: Sabrina Guillen

If you attended any Welcome Week events or follow us on social, you might have been surprised to see sponsorship from Prica Global Enterprises, a property management company now renowned for a recent data breach. Here's why you saw that... Prica ...