Getting your game on in quarantine

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Sabrina Guillen
Communications Assistant
Fri, 04/10/2020 - 10:00


With the added time on all of our hands, you've probably been looking for good ways to pass the time solo. However, others may still want to hang out and interact with your friends. While there are many cool alternatives to binge TV shows together (Netflix Party [external link]) or watching Youtube videos (Watch2Gether [external link]), for this article we wanted to focus on how you can still connect with friends and family through video games or board games, but all from the comfort and safety of your home.

TableTop Games

Video games might not be the thing for you or maybe you’re looking for more of a social gaming experience. Below we’ve compiled a list of popular card, board, and party games for you to still get your game on while in isolation.

  • Cards Against Humanity. This popular party game consists of linking phrases on cards to make the funniest combinations. You can play with your friends over at [external link] or download an app called Evil Apples vs. Humanity [external link].
  • Jackbox Games. While this may not be a free alternative like the one above, these games are a variety of minigame style party activities where anyone can join through their devices by entering the appropriate game code. You can learn more about their games on their website [external link].
  • UNO! Online. Think that UNO is a game for kids? Think again. By downloading the UNO! App [external link] on your phone you can connect with others for quick and competitive matches of a classic game.
  • Some of you may be puzzle lovers as they are a great way to de-stress and create art. However, maybe you’ve already finished all your puzzles at home or want to try one with a friend. At [external link] you can choose from a variety of setups and invite your friends to place pieces together.
  • Tabletop Simulator. Are you looking to replicate the feel of a real tabletop you can interact with? Tabletop Simulator [external link] is a video game purchasable on platforms like Steam [external link] which simulates a table onto which you can load a variety of different board games and interact directly with dice, pieces, cards, and more.

Video Games

Are board games and puzzles not your speed? Video games can often be a more fast-paced and immersive experience supportive of both solo and co-op gameplay fun. While there is an overwhelming number of great titles out there for you to play from all types of genres, we’ve collected a few below that we think are great to play with others.

  • Minecraft. This classic sandbox game has been around for over a decade and still remains a great platform for creative collaboration and adventures with others. You can create servers to invite your friends to build, craft, mine, explore, and so much more. You can learn more about the game on their website [external link].
  • Sports Games. A variety of sports games have come out for PCs and consoles alike such as the NBA 2K, FIFA, MLB The Show, etc. These games let you live out the sports that have had their seasons cancelled, as well as challenge your friends to see who the best esports athlete is.
  • Stardew Valley. This little indie farming simulation game holds a special place in my heart. You play as a character who has inherited their deceased grandfather's rundown farm. It is a relaxing and low-stakes game which also supports cooperative play in the form of several characters building up on the same farm. Check out the game details on their website [external link].
  • MMORPGs. Massively multiplayer online role-playing games have captivated gamers for decades with their immersive, action-filled, and connected way of gaming. This genre is just as massive as the title suggests and includes popular games such as World of Warcraft [external link], The Elder Scrolls Online [external link], Star Wars: The Old Republic [external link], Guild Wars 2 [external link], EVE Online [external link], and Final Fantasy 14 [external link]. While many of these games have paywalls, there is still plenty of great free content you can get through.
  • Sid Meier's Civilization. Our world might be a bit crazy right now so maybe you’re looking to escape in a world you can fashion yourself. This game series consists of turn-based strategy games where you take control of famous rulers throughout our history such as Cleopatra, Frederick Barbarossa, Gandhi or Teddy Roosevelt. Build your own civilization either alone or with friends through online gameplay. Check out their website [external link] if you’re interested in buying the game.

Whichever type of gaming is your speed, we hope this list gave you some inspiration to keep yourselves engaged while staying inside. Happy gaming!