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Lubaba Hoque
Communications Assistant
Thu, 12/06/2018 - 15:00

As the fall term comes to an end, you're probably thinking about exams and upcoming holidays. But have you thought about looking for a part-time job for next term? 

Feds is hiring now for winter term! From graphic designer to assistant to the president, we're looking for dedicated and passionate students to join the Feds team!

Wondering what it’s like to work for Feds? Take it from students who are working in various part-time roles with Feds this term.

Desiree Bender - Graphic Designer, Commercial Operations

"I'm currently in my fourth year in the ARBUS program with a major in Fine Art and Minor in Digital Art Communications.

Desiree BenderI started working for Feds in January so I have been there for a full year... We create things for the commercial services on campus like The Bomber, Wasabi Sushi, International News, Turnkey and more.

This job has done a great job preparing me for real life scenarios, while giving me creative freedom and responsibility. Additionally, they're able to take your unique skills and talents and find ways to incorporate it into work so that you're learning what you would like to learn and enhancing your own skills along the way.

I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had working here and think it is an amazing job for students to explore their skills and passions in a fun, safe, and rewarding environment.

Apply! This has been the best experience for someone who has a demanding school schedule. There is so much to gain working for Feds, and it's right on campus so it's easy to get to, and there are so many other people you could meet.

Additionally, working at Feds makes me feel like I’m more involved with the school. I get first-hand information on important things going on and get to give ideas for the changes around campus - that’s always a bonus!"

Sidney Roth​ - Videographer

"I’m in my second year of the Arts and Business program with a major in Peace and Conflict Studies and a minor in Digital Arts Communications.

Sid RothMy role at Feds is a videographer for different events and projects… I have been in the role for about a year now. 

I love to be able to outsource my creativity in different projects that are sometimes outside of my comfort zone, which is pushing me to be a better creative.

Just do it! It’s a great job to have during your studies because it’s like a paid break from school."

Jennifer Woo - ​Photographer

"I’m in 3B of Public Health and Health Informatics option.

As a photographer, I go to different events on campus specifically like Feds or Feds club events, including Orientation Week, Thrive Week, and other special events that Feds hosts… I also create photos for Feds' Instagram [external link].

Jenn WooThis is my third term in this role. 

I love that it’s a flexible job… and that you get to meet a lot of people as well and go to a lot of events because you’re scheduled to work there - so naturally you meet a lot of people.

Definitely apply to the job - it's super fun and you get to learn a lot too. If you’re into photography, videography, you'll get a lot of experience. You could apply that to your portfolio and you’re also earning money so that’s good too!"

Kyera Mapp ​- Graphic Designer, Advocacy and Governance

"I’m in third year of GBDA: Global Business and Digital Arts.

I have been working since April of this year, so it’s been two terms now. I started as a graphic designer, and now I am a marketing coordinator.

Kyera MappI work on the advocacy team. Mainly, we focus on elections, governance and student issues. Anytime there’s any issue that affects students on campus, we create promotional graphics, we educate, and things like that.

I like helping people a lot, so that’s been really cool. The team that I’m working on is so much fun.

I would say apply… [You'll] learn about Feds, learn about what goes on and what we do and then also realize that you’re a part of Feds, the student union represents you and I feel like that will get your interest a lot more in it. Just apply. It would be cool. Join our team!

It’s a good experience. I’ve learned a lot over the last few months. A lot of really cool opportunities have come from it... Working for Feds or volunteering for Feds is really important, especially because we’re all a part of it."