Volunteer Appreciation - Thanking Our Volunteers

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Lisa Umholtz
Communications & Media Relations Specialist
Tue, 07/16/2019 - 15:15

Executive Award Recipients

Erica McDonald
Vice President Oncology, enTECH

Erica has been an exemplary executive on the enTECH Computer Club team for the last four terms. Erica serves as our Vice President, Oncology, where she is organizing the expansion of enTECH to the Grand River Regional Cancer Centre, where our volunteers will be supporting cancer patients in using technology while receiving chemotherapy. She is incredibly attentive, detail oriented when necessary, and always leads meetings with genuine charisma and confidence. Erica brings incredibly strong initiative, a desire to learn and teach, and a genuine sense of empathy and kindness towards others.

Narayan Subramoniam
Executive, Feds Student Food Bank

Narayan’s commitment to the Food Bank was one we could not have imagined. Every day, he went above and his position requirements and ensured all parts of the Food Bank were doing well. He took the initiative upon himself to streamline a process for volunteers to more easily track student visits. We believe he has made long term changes to the Food Bank that will be carried on for future terms to come.

Honorable Mention: Quin Millard
Office Director, MATES

Quin is the CMH office director in MATES, and was the engineering MATE last term. Quin is so kindhearted, and genuine in the way he interacts with others. He is a huge advocate for encouraging engineering students to join the program, and provides valuable insight to issues that students may be experiencing. Quin is kind, caring, and strong, which allows him to advocate for the needs of those who may not express their needs as strongly.

Club Awards

UW Toastmasters

The club gives students the platform and opportunity to improve both personally and professionally through the development of public speaking skills. Over the past year, the club has brought forth many educational and social events on top of their regular meetings. People join the club because of its fun activities, but they also gain skills that they can take away (e.g. public speaking, thinking on the spot, interpersonal communication). Furthermore, the size of the club is amazing. With 30-40 students attending each week.

UW Animal Rights Society

UW Animal Rights Society strives to promote advocacy for animal rights and encourages members to get involved with activism and outreach. They hold events such as bake sales, meetings, Advocacy Booths, Protests, Free Vegan Cooking Class, letter writing to MP Bardish Chagger, etc.

UW Blockchain Club

Following our success in the fall term last year, UWBC wanted to take a deeper, more technical, dive into blockchain for its members. UWBC planned a full 10 week 10 topics workshop schedule, excluding 2-3 weeks for midterms and no events near finals. The club went from having ~10 members to over 200 in the Fall term. UWBC prides itself on hosting many regular, free events including events that involve big-name companies.

Coordinator Award

Megan Wright

Megan has been a MATES volunteer for a very long time and is incredibly dedicated and presents this in the form of consistent and efficient communication, open dialogue, and a very positive attitude. Megan always is there for the MATES volunteers and Executive members. Even at unexpected times, she comes to help us. She is a great leadership and I am proud to be under her. She has supported the program through expansions, and has attended countless meetings advocating for the program.

Initiative Award

Tiana Zhao

Tiana is responsible for the upcoming MathSoc First-Year Mentorship Program, which aims to connect first year students with upper years who can provide advice for adjusting to the academic and co-op aspects of the Math Faculty. The program aims to be implemented for the Fall 2019 Term, and will run until the end of the Winter 2020 term. Tiana exhibits independence and altruism. Her goal is truly to make a difference in other people's lives.

New Club

University of Waterloo Backpackers Association

This club has been exceptional since its inception in September 2018. It has garnered over 400 members in the span on 8 months and has great plans in the future. The club truly believes in helping students travel on a budget and does as much as they can to help facilitate that. The founder of the club successfully gained a coupon code for the benefit of the University’s students from a renowned hostel chain in Europe.      

Honorable Mention: University of Waterloo Aviation Society

UW Aviation Society has exceeded what many other already existing clubs have done in terms of the magnitude of events as their ability to network with various groups on campus to improve student experience. One of the most significant achievements in the last term was their Aviation Society Gala - this was a well-attended formal networking dinner held in May that involved a great deal of collaboration and planning between the club and both on/off-campus stakeholders. The club has far exceeded what most other newer clubs have achieved when it comes to magnitude of events as well as impact on student experience.

President Award 

Alan Li
President, MathSoc

Alan Li is the President of MathSoc for the spring 2019 term. In his time as the President, Alan has not only fulfilled his basic responsibilities of the position but also worked to increase student engagement by actively communicating with all MathSoc clubs through meetings and emails. As President, Alan’s passion and dedication are very evident and has definitely contributed to increased student engagement and transparency of communication.

Volunteer Award

Nada Abouelnaga
Clubs Support Team

Nada is a volunteer with the Clubs Support Team, and was a crucial part of the team, liaising between the Clubs Assistant and the Clubs Support Team for the term. She consistently takes the initiative to go above and beyond what is expected of her in the role, regularly checking up on the rest of the team and contributes very creative ideas towards future Clubs Support Team events and ongoing projects.

Tony Deng

Tony is volunteer with MATES and is a very kind-hearted individual, always brightening peoples’ days. He has been an amazing asset in training new MATES volunteers, through passing on his wisdom and experiences to the group. Tony is always on board to assist in various parts of MATES and is always several steps ahead in suggesting innovative ways to expand the program in order to reach more students.

Honorable Mention: Stephanie Dowden, MATES

She is very friendly and an amazing volunteer with MATES who contributes a lot in debriefs, giving insights that are a huge help to other volunteers in order to improve in their roles. She shows great initiative covering shifts without being asked to. As well, she is very friendly and acts as a leader to the other volunteers in what she contributes to the service during debriefs and otherwise.