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Tue, 04/14/2020 - 19:00

Between navigating the social and physical impacts of COVID-19 and adjusting to online learning, this is a tumultuous time both on and off campus. 

Among these challenges, we’ve seen institutional racism continue at the University of Waterloo: in March, a St. Jerome’s college professor used an anti-Black slur in the classroom, and shortly afterwards a main campus professor made a slew of racist, xenophobic, and anti-Asian posts on social media. 

These acts are reprehensible. No student should be made to feel unsafe, disregarded, or discriminated against in the classroom or online. United, we stand together against racism in all its forms and demand better – from these individuals, the University and our community at-large. 

In this time of unprecedented uncertainty, you can be certain of our continued advocacy to minimize and mitigate the harms that come to racialized and otherwise marginalized students. Victoria Rodney, your Equity Commissioner adds, "I will continue to represent and prioritize the needs of the undergraduate student body by calling on the University to address institutional racism and work collaboratively to ensure no student is left behind." 

If you have experienced or witnessed instances of racism, we urge you to complete an incident reporting formcontact your Equity Commissioner directly, and/or reach out to Racial Advocacy for Inclusion, Solidarity and Equity (RAISE).