We are looking for mystery shoppers (MS) with an eye for detail to evaluate our restaurants, services and retail stores. The Mystery Shop program is a paid gig, you’ll receive free meals, and it easily fits into your schedule.  

MS will be tracking processing times, evaluating physical areas and elaborating on their customer service experience during the visit.

MS feedback helps improve our processes, coach our staff and launch new initiatives to improve our services.

You will be able to select which services you feel comfortable providing a report for.


No previous experience (with mystery shopping or in customer service) is required. Only current Waterloo undergraduates may apply. Students working part-time or volunteering with Feds cannot apply.


The MS meets with a Feds staff member to sign the agreement and discuss any questions. The MS visits our service armed with questions to ask and metrics to measure. After the visit, the MS fills out a report to send back to the Feds staff for processing (reporting and payment to MS).

Additional Requests

The Mystery Shop Program is not the only way Feds collects student expectations. You may also be invited to take part in focus groups and you will be notified when we launch new surveys.


To apply, fill out the MailChimp form that signs you up for our mailing list.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will be receive emails as time slots become available.

The mailing list ensures that you will only be contacted during terms you are on campus, for services you feel comfortable with and to track your payments.

Questions regarding the Mystery Shop program or the application can be directed to Alexander Kelley.