Glow is committed to serve trans-identified and gender variant persons by making relevant resources accessible.  If you or someone you know are having difficulty/ have questions in accessing services and resources at University of Waterloo, let us know (by whichever means you feel most comfortable – email, phone, in person) and we will do our best to find the information you are looking for.

Trans Bursary Application Form

The Trans Student Bursary program allows those students in need of assistance, potential access to funding for the following needs:

  • Legal Name Change in your home province
  • Sex Designation Change on birth registration or certificate

Fill in this Trans Bursary Application Form to apply.

Changing Records Procedures

To change your name after having enrolled at the University of Waterloo, complete a Change of Name Form  External Link and submit it to the Registrar’s Office (2nd Floor, Needles Hall).

  • If you have changed your name legally,  fill out the first page of the name change form and submit it with a photocopy of your government-issued change of name certificate.
  • If you have not changed your name legally, you will need to fill out the second page, have it signed by a Commissioner of Oaths and state why you are changing your name.  The Commissioners are free for students and located just above the Registrar’s Office.
    • TIP to save money:  Commissioners of Oaths can sign your legal name change  documents as well where it needs a Commissioner of Oaths!
  • In a few days your records (Quest, transcripts, Learn, WatCard (you may pick up a new one, similar to a change of Faculty), etc. will all be changed.   If you need to change your Quest user ID/email you will need to contact the computer center for your Faculty and they can set up a new Quest user ID/email account which corresponds with your name.

To change your records to accurately reflect your gender identity:

  • To change your student records to accurately reflect your gender identity, complete a Gender Update Form. In a few days your Quest record will be changed.

Medical Coverage under Student Health Plan

If you are part of the student health plan and you are taking hormones, the health plan will not automatically cover the cost of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). If you want the cost of your hormones covered under the student plan you can log in to  External Link and from there you can access a Restricted Drug Use Form. Alternatively you can get a copy of this form at Health Services. Then you just have to fill out the form and submit it to the Health Services office and then if the medical director approves, you will have the cost of your hormones covered.

Gender Neutral Washrooms

The Inclusive Bathroom Initiative, run by the Equity Office at the University of Waterloo, has been developing an action plan to create more inclusive bathrooms on campus.

Map of gender neutral washrooms on campus

On-Campus Residences

UW Housing is can place students according to how they are comfortable (i.e. suite-style for more private washroom use/single room for privacy/etc.).  To ensure that you are comfortable with on-campus living arrangements:

  • Contact the UWaterloo Housing at – OR 519-888-4567 ext. 32679 – to let Housing know of your request.

If you would like to live in one of the University College Residences, you will need to contact them directly to ensure that they can accommodate your specific needs/requests.

If you are ever experiencing difficulty in your residence you can speak with your Don or the Residence Life Co-ordinator who are there to ensure the safety and success of students.

Off-Campus Living

Living off-campus can be a unique experience from living on-campus where there are supportive individuals in place to assist with any difficulties in your living situation.  If you are experiencing any difficulty with your off-campus living situation, please feel free to look to the following resources:

  • Off-Campus Dons – Upper year student mentors who act as a similar resource equivalent to on-campus Dons, who can answer questions and plan events specifically for off-campus students.  All Off-Campus Dons attend a Queer Awareness & Supportive Leadership session, facilitated through Glow, to ensure that Off-Campus Dons are specifically aware of queer and trans communities, knowledgeable of relevant resources, and aware of support techniques.
  • UW Off Campus Housing  External Link – Department of UW Housing to assist students in finding off-campus accommodations, and providing students with resources and tips with leases, rental agreements, landlords, etc.
  • Student Resource Office   External Link – Joint office between the Federation of Students and University of Waterloo to compile and provide resources students may find useful such as understanding their rights as tenants, where to access Legal Aid, etc.

Transition Resources

This Google Drive External Link contains information on legal name and sex designation change processes, medical transition, and other relevant information.
If there is information you would like to see added to this resource, feel free to email us or fill out our Anonymous Feedback Form.