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The Women's Centre aims to provide a female-positive and supportive environment on campus for women and trans* folks. Run entirely by dedicated student volunteers, it holds workshops, film screenings, and guest lectures. The centre provides students with resources on issues ranging from women's health to sexual violence. It has an extensive library of over 900 books that cover a variety of topics including plays, poetry, queer theory, indigenous, philosophy/religion/spirituality and employment/education/economy! Subscriptions to magazines such as Bitch and Herizons are available. Make sure to ask a volunteer to sign a book out for you!

We pride ourselves on inclusivity; everyone is welcome at the Women's Centre! 

Women's Centre representative talking to students at outdoor open house tent

Make a Difference

Are you passionate about gender and feminist issues? Enjoy working with a team to plan events and helping others? Apply to volunteer with The Women's Centre!

Get Involved

Are you passionate about gender and feminist issues? Enjoy working with a team to plan events and helping others? Apply to volunteer with The Women's Centre! Applications will be available on Leads  External Link.

Another way to get involved is to submit to our annual March publication, Voices. Please e-mail literature@women.gmail.com for more information or to submit artistic pieces.

Also, subscribe to the mailing list  External Link to get updated information!

Meetings & Events

Check the events calendar, or The Women’s Centre Facebook Page  External Link for upcoming events.


The following is a list of useful websites and resources. Put your mouse over each link for a description (if it is available).

UWaterloo Community

Waterloo Region Community

Canadian Universities’ Women’s Centres

Feminist Websites


Activism & Issues

Violence Against Women

History & Biographies

Women Writers

Women In Art & Entertainment

Women's Health & Sexuality

Women In Science & Technology

Women In Sport


Library Database

In May 2008 the Women's Centre re-launched our library, now with online access. We have over one thousand titles in the collection, and that number continues to grow. You can search through the collection online and come into the Centre during office hours to check-out the material. Currently we provide a two week loan period to anyone who wishes to check out a book. You will be asked to provide: a student ID or government issued photo ID, student number, phone number, address, faculty and email. Once you are entered into our database as a borrower please ensure that each time you check material out your information is up-to-date.

Check out our Online Library!

Women's Centre Executives

Need to contact any of the Women's Centre executives? This is where you'll find their contact information!

Contact me if you: have book/pamphlet/zine recommendations, have ideas for discussions nights or speakers, have writing or art you'd like to submit to Voices (our annual anthology).

Contact me if you: have event ideas or speaker recommendations, have event comments or criticisms, would like to partner with us on an event.

Contact me if you: have marketing ideas, love or hate our social media presence, want us to share or discuss a particular piece of media or issue using social media, want to know how to find us on twitter, tumblr or facebook.

Contact me if you: have ideas for educational events or campaigns, have workshops or seminars you would like us to offer/attend.

Contact me if you: want to be a volunteer, are a volunteer and are going to miss a shift, find the centre is missing a certain resource (condoms, lube, pregnancy tests, etc.).

Contact us if you: have any general inquiries or comments (including criticisms!), want to work on an advocacy campaign, would like to partner on an event, would like to book a peer support session, would like to know what Women's Centre is (and/or where it is), have anything else you feel like emailing us about.


Student Life Centre
Room 2101

200 University Ave West
Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1
519-888-4567 x33457
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Office Hours: 

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Peer Support Hours: 

Monday 5pm - 6pm
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