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Extend Labour Market Opinion (LMO) application process

The application process

Employer number

This number is the primary identifier of all applications for each institution and must be used on every application. Make sure that the University of Waterloo employer ID # 105800 is written clearly (be aware of how it will appear through the fax) on the top right corner and subject line of the fax.

Turn-around time

National standard for application turn-around if mailed, is three weeks, not including mailing time and delays due to incomplete application forms. For faxed Academic applications, turn-around is approximately three working days from the date of the fax. After five working days, it is okay to contact Gisele Pelletier-Baker to enquire about the status. In emergencies that require faster turn-around, contact the ServiceCanada personnel - be sure to have a valid reason for the need to process the application in less than the three working days. If you are inquiring about the status of an application by email, be sure to put in the Subject line "Academic Application" and the employer ID # 105800 .

You can also find out how Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)/ServiceCanada assesses the application.

What should you do if HRSDC/ServiceCanada should call

Be honest and direct. In most instances, HRSDC/ServiceCanada will only call if they need some information clarified. This will most likely happen as this is essentially a request for an "extension" for a LMO. Questions may be asked about the lack of advertising, the rate of pay, the present status of the faculty member's Permanent Resident (PR) application, and/or his/her intent to apply for PR. In all likelihood, the application will be granted for the "extension" application for a tenured or tenure-track faculty member.

What happens next

Favourable "extended" LMO

Once the fax is returned from HRSDC/ServiceCanada with a favourable LMO "extension", a copy of the fax should be kept with the faculty member's file. The original can be given to the faculty member. From here, the faculty member will be responsible for completing the Citizenship & Immigration Canada's (CIC) Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay or Remain in Canada.

Unfavourable "extended" LMO (very unlikely to happen)

When an unfavourable LMO "extension" is received from HRSCD/ServiceCanada, another application can be made. Make sure to read the reasons why HRSDC/ServiceCanada denied the LMO "extension" and modify the application as required. Be prepared, however, to provide plenty of proof and explanation as to why changes were made and another application is being submitted for the same person.