21 July 2021, Minutes

3:00 p.m., 21 July 2021, Microsoft Teams

Attendance (37/72)

Donald Duff-McCracken (Chair), Melissa Holst (Secretary) Amanda Vos, Anar Jahangirli, Andrea Jennings, Andrew Smith, Bernice Ma, Charlotte Armstrong, Cassie Bechard, Chris Francis, Daniella Cross, Danielle Jeanneault, Elizabeth Rogers, Erica Clement-Goudy, Greg McIntyre, George Choy, Graham Faulkner, Greg Smith, Janice Cook, Jennifer Halcrow, Joe Kwan, Kathryn Fedy, Kevin Paxman, Lannois Carroll-Woolery, Marlon Griffith, Michael Tjendra, Nancy Schnarr, Pratik Patel, Rebecca Graper, Sarah Forgrave, Stephanie Longway, Tasha Glover, Tom Graham, Traci Dow, Trevor Ridgeway


Amy Meredith, Adriann Kennedy, Alyssa Clarkson, Annaka Willemsen, Beth Cotter, Dawn Charlton, Derek Leung, Elizabeth Kleisath, Herbert Balagtas, Isaac Morland, Iva Badjari, Jen Kinkle, Jason Greatrex, Jay Mielke, Jennifer Gillies, Jessica Barch, Jim Johnston, Jodi Szimanski, Lathangi Ganesharatnam, Laurel Forbes, Liam Morland, Lisa Brackenridge, Lori Suess, Marta Bailey, Martin LeBlanc, Melanie Scott, Michelle Douglas-Mills, Natasha Jennings, Pavol Chvala, Ryan Lahti, Sarah Cooper, Stephanie Koerne, Tara Hillis, Troy Grandy, Tom Cauduro, Wendy Pilpott


Andre Gignac, Grace Wong Chong

Approval of the Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes from the previous meeting were accepted as distributed.

Business Arising


WCMS Training/Support Update (Andrea Jennings)

WCMS Technical Update (Kevin Paxman)

  • WCMS 3.0.2 will be shipping in the next few days. Full release notes are on the Web Resources site. Highlights include:
    • Support for generic theming options
    • Anti-spam measures on all new forms by default
    • Separating the “hero” image from the listing page image
    • Lots of bug fixes
  • Around the time of release, we will be updating the “release comparison” page on the Building the Next WCMS site to reflect the changes; going forward, this page will be updated whenever we ship a new version, as opposed to keeping multiple versions of the page for each release.
  • We will be looking to add a “known issues” page to the Building the Next WCMS site in the near future to list bugs that have been reported and workarounds wherever possible.
  • A Drupal security release shipped today; we are not using anything that would make us vulnerable, but the update to Drupal 8 will ship with the WCMS 3.0.2 update and we will update our WCMS 2 servers over the next short while.
  • Full details are on Web Resources, but highlights from the current sprint include:
    • Adding working spell check to the editor
    • Updating facts and figures to include all WCMS 2 functionality
    • Prep for adding missing FDSU content types, starting with services
    • Prep for updating to Drupal 9
    • Lots of bug fixes, including fixing YouTube videos not displaying on node page when logged in

WCMS 3 Project Update (Joe Kwan)

  • Currently we are further behind than we had originally anticipated, more bugs have been detected that we  to work out that imagined.
  • At this time, we are running smaller sites (less content) through WCMS 3 with the help of our co-op students.
  • Joe personally thanked everyone for all of their continued participation and support, as we work through this process.
  • Maintenance process with the new Patheon/Cadence will be far more minimal in comparison than before.
  • Joe requested everyone to please hold off on requesting a new site migration, until we hear further instructions announced.
  • New site build process seems to be clean and seamless, currently trying to prioritize this along with WCMS 3.
  • Training is a priority and we still working on this, we hope to announce more within the next couple of weeks.

Future WAC Meetings – As We Reopen (Don Duff-McCracken)

Circle back in August to discuss.

Other Business


Meeting Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 3:35 pm.

Next meeting

Wednesday, Aug 18, 2021

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Microsoft Teams meeting -- contact dsmccrac (at) uwaterloo.ca if you did not recieve invite!