About Web Advisory Committee


The Web Advisory Committee (WAC) is an advisory committee of the University sponsored by the Web Steering Committee. Its mandate is to:

  1. Make recommendations to the Web Steering Committee, and other University Committees as appropriate, on all aspects of web planning, development and practice on campus;
  2. Serve as a forum, and where appropriate an advocate, for the University of Waterloo web community on all aspects of web planning, development and practice on campus;
  3. Disseminate information, initiate discussion, and make recommendations on (but not limited to) the following topics:
    1. Future directions for the web;
    2. Accessibility and accessibility legislation;
    3. Web tools (eg, Content Management Systems, social media, etc.);
    4. Web Design;
    5. Best practices guidelines;
    6. Web governance
    7. Sharing of problems and solutions related to the web activities in the various constituencies.


The Chair of the Web Advisory Committee will report on its activities to the Web Steering Committee on a regular basis, or as requested by the Web Steering Committee. In order to maintain timely communication with the Web Steering Committee, the Chair of the Web Advisory Committee will normally serve as a member of the Web Steering Committee.


The Chair of the Web Advisory Committee will be appointed by the Web Steering Committee. The Chair will endeavour to ensure that all areas and units on campus have representation. Specifically, the membership will be made up of (but not limited to) representatives from: the Library, Communications and Public Affairs, Digital Initiatives Office, Institutional Analysis & Planning, Housing, Office of Research, the University Secretariat , Academic & Student Affairs, Graduate Studies, Registrar’s Office, Human Resources, Student Success Office, Information Systems and Technology (IST), Centre for Extended Learning, Development and Alumni Affairs, University Colleges and each of the Faculties. 

See Our People for a list of current members.


The WAC will meet once a month or more frequently if deemed appropriate by the Committee.


The WAC will maintain a public web site, where minutes, projects and reports are available. It will also maintain a mailing list for its members, as well as a mailing list of all people involved in web activities on campus and attempt to keep them appropriately informed of relevant changes and initiatives on campus.

Next meeting

Wednesday, Aug 18, 2021

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Microsoft Teams meeting -- contact dsmccrac (at) uwaterloo.ca if you did not recieve invite!