Assistant professor and primary investigator of the web archives for historical research group

ian's headIan Milligan (PhD, York University, 2012) is an assistant professor of digital and Canadian history at the University of Waterloo. He is also principal investigator of the Web Archives for Historical Research group. He serves as a co-editor of the Programming Historian.

His most recent book, Exploring Big Historical Data: The Historian's Macroscope (co-authored with Shawn Graham and Scott Weingart), appeared in late 2015. He has published on Web and digital archives in Histoire Sociale/Social History, the Canadian Historical Review, and the Journal of the Canadian Historical Association. His 2013 article “Mining the Internet Graveyard” won the Journal of the Canadian Historical Association’s best article award that year. These complement publications in other Canadian academic journals and a 2014 monograph with the University of British Columbia Press entitled Rebel Youth: 1960s Labour Unrest, Young Workers, and New Leftists in English Canada

Traditionally historians had to scrounge for any information they could find and now, information is being preserved that never would’ve been in the past – this produces an overload of sources. This fundamental shift creates many barriers and historians have largely been left out of the big data discussion. This grant makes it possible for my research team to change that – to bring historians into the big data discussion, break down barriers to access web archives, and provide tools to enable all historians to revolutionize their own work.

For more information about Ian (including an up-to-date CV and research blog), please visit his homepage.

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