Current projects

We are currently carrying out three major research projects:

  • We are assembling Canadian web archival collections from across the country, under the Web Archives for Longitudinal Knowledge (WALK) project. Ian Milligan and Nick Ruest are co-PIs of a supporting Compute Canada grant.
  • We are exploring GeoCities, a single scrape from 2009 with data dating back to 1996, to see how we can write a social history of early web history.
  • We are exploring the collection and preservation of Twitter data. An early article appeared here, and we are exploring how to integrating Twitter archiving with web archiving.

While the web archives for historical research group only began in May 2015, Milligan and Ruest have been writing on this since 2012 and a list of relevant publications is available.

Research Outcomes

We have several research outcomes available:

  • Our portal is available online, and allows users to search over 10 years of Canadian political history.
  • With Jimmy Lin, we have been working on the warcbase platform. Check out the documentation that we are writing here.
  • We have been releasing some of our data online.
  • And, we have been pursuing conventional publications (see above).