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April 2021

WCMS update for April 2021

In this issue:

  • WCMS 3 migration updates
  • WCMS 3 Fundamentals – preliminary training plan
  • New on Web Resources

Web Dev Rev wrap-up for April 9, 2021

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week's Web Dev Rev had lots of notes, and not much else. Some highlights: live deployment previews for Drupal contrib modules, more "To Drupal or not to Drupal", PHP's source code hack, CSS units, container queries, and much, much more. Click through to read the whole blog post...

Rebasing in Git (Web Dev Rev wrap-up for March 26, 2021)

Rebasing is changing the base of a set of changes from one commit to another. The most common use is this: You've made a set of commits on a feature branch which was based on the latest development branch. Then, some commits were merged to the development branch. Now your feature branch is based on a commit that is no longer the latest. When you rebase, you are moving your feature branch commits onto the tip of the development branch again.

Rebasing in GitLab