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January 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for December 18, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week in Web Dev Rev notes: the IST website launches responsive; some Chat-ops pitfalls and tips; how page weight doesn't matter (if done properly); Masonry layout using flexbox instead of JavaScript; and an article about how certificate changes could stop people with older browsers from being able to view secure sites (with a typically BuzzFeed-y panicky headline).

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for December 11, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week in Web Dev Rev notes: Larry Garfield reflects on the Drupal 8 release with his article, Drupal 8: Happy, but not satisfied; a classic web design and development advent calendar, 24 ways, is back again this year; and we reviewed some tips for creating and exporting better SVGs for the web.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for December 4, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

After a "straightforward" week last week, this week we had lots of Web Dev Rev notes: Drupal 8.0.1 was released; Drupal has announced a new core release cycle, and we saw that Drupal 7 gets security fixes only once Drupal 8.4.x (the long term support build) is released, which is expected to be late 2017; PHP 7.0.0 was released; there's an article on about the dos and don'ts of getting support in IRC; Adobe has announced that the next release of what was called Flash Professional will be called Adobe Animate, to better reflect that it is no longer limited to creating Flash content; SVGs can be animated, and if you're doing so, you should take into consideration this article: Animated SVG vs GIF [CAGEMATCH]; this is the season for advent calendars, and an interesting one is The Content Strategy Advent Calendar (link no longer available); there was video available for the webinar we watched earlier in the week, Drupal 8: The Crash Course, and there's a Git repo to go with the video; Google has some interesting new tools to analyze images; and there's a nifty game for learning flexbox, Flexbox Froggy.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for November 27, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev<p><img alt="WCMS Web Dev Rev" class="image-left" height="125" src="/web-resources/sites/ca.web-resources/files/

This week's Web Dev Rev notes were pretty short: we looked at what's next for core patches after the Drupal 8 release (fixing bugs, particularly those that prevent contrib modules from migrating; stabilizing and completing the migrate feature; and front end performance and testing), and we noted that WCMS bug fix release 1.12.2 would be out soon, with notice to be posted as per the usual process.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for November 20, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week in Web Dev Rev notes, we looked at: the Upgrade Status module, which runs in Drupal 6 and 7 to tell you the status of your modules in Drupal 8; Microsoft's update to EdgeHTML 13 in Microsoft Edge, which improves its HTML5 test score by 56 points;'s migration to Fastly, a custom distributed Varnish stack; how you can use Chrome's DevTools to throttle the network, simulating a slower connection; the new visual editing and memory management tools in Firefox Developer Edition 44; Google+'s move to responsive, with self-imposed limits of no more than 60k or HTML, 60k of JavaScript, and 60k of CSS at any one time; and the fact that the Lullabot Podcast is back.

There was also some big Drupal 8 news: Drupal 8 was released; Drush 8 was released (and it's only for Drupal 8); and one person celebrated the Drupal 8 release by installing every major version of Drupal back to 1.0.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for November 6, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week in Web Dev Rev notes, we looked at: Drupal 8's release date, which happens to be on Dries Buytaert's birthday; Drupal 8's RC3 release, which contains a lot of fixes since RC2; Drupal Core's release schedule; the Wunderkraut's Drupal Gotcha Collection Volume 3; the Site Audit module; and the fact that BADCamp had just gone by, and that many (if not all) of the sessions have had their videos posted on BADCamp's YouTube channel.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for October 30, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week, had some interesting notes from around the web: Firefox is going to start marking login forms in HTTP as insecure; the next version of Firebug for Firefox is going to integrate with DevTools; Twitter now has polls (update: Twitter's blog post announcing polls); and an article that will be very useful soon, "What Happened to Hook_Menu in Drupal 8?".

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for October 23, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week, we started by pointing out the releases of Drupal 7.41 and Drupal 8 RC2. We looked at a blog post that details some of the recent changes to Drupal 7, attempting to clear up the misconception that new features only come to Drupal 8. Finally, we looked at some very positive benchmarks for the upcoming PHP 7 (as well as their "real numbers" equivalent).

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for October 16, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week, we started by pointing out that Drupal 7.40 had indeed been released, then what happens with Drupal 8 patches now that RC1 is out, and finally a potentially interesting git add-on command to keep your repos fresh. Finally, we announced that we were expecting to roll out WCMS 1.12.1 on Friday night, and that is indeed the plan.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for October 9, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week, we noted the "publications list" on people profiles, introduced with WCMS 1.12, had been disabled on all production sites, and that 1.12.1, a bug fix release, was expected sometime next week. We also noted that Drupal 7.40 was expected soon, and that this will be evaluated by the WCMS team after it is released, to determine when it will be released on production servers. In addition, Drupal 8 Release Candidate 1 came out this week, and we noted that Drupal 8 will completely remove PHPTemplate (the Drupal 7 theming engine) support.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for October 2, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week, we noted that WCMS 1.12 had been released on Wednesday night, though sites were still running through the updates, and that DrupalCon Barcelona had just finished and generated a lot of videos - for example, the Tuesday timeslot at 11 am generated 10 videos all by itself. We showed Alex.js, a JavaScript library designed to catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing, and Fit Commit, a Git hook to validate your commit messages based on community standards.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for September 25, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week, we noted that the upcoming release of WCMS 1.12 was now expected for the night of September 29; that the recent GitLab maintenance was to update the software to a newer version; that DrupalCon Barcelona was just wrapping up and that videos should be available soon, if they are not already; and we shared what a Drupal Monopoly board might look like.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for September 18, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week, our "notes section" was mostly limited to discussion about the upcoming release of WCMS 1.12, expected the week of September 21st. We did note that DrupalCamp Montreal was last weekend, so there was a chance that some sessions had been recorded and posted.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for September 11, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

We started off by noting that our own Mike Tjendra and Nate Vexler were featured in a story about the recent launch of the new campus map. It was also noted that the WCMS team has announced the availability of Publications sites with a beta release. We talked about how we're working with JSON more and more these days, and that plugins such as JSONview for Firefox and JSONview for Chrome can make sure that JSON output is easily readable within your browser. Finally, we mentioned that DrupalCamp Montreal was this weekend, in case anyone was planning to go to Montreal but had nothing to do.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for September 4, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

We started out with some sad news (for us) - Carly McLeod, from the training and support team, is leaving the university for a high school teaching position; today is her last day. We then moved on to note that PHP 5.4 will be reaching end of life soon; we made sure that people were aware (especially since we just finished a series on FlexBox) of the "Can I Use" site, which lets you know what features are supported by what browsers; and we shared a "caniuse" command line tool, for looking up things from the "Can I Use" site without using a web browser.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for August 28, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

After an unexpected week off last week, Web Dev Rev is back. This week, we noted that Drupal 7.39 had come out, which was a security release. The WCMS servers have been updated, and we strongly encourage anyone running their own development environment (or server) to update as well.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for August 14, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week, there were no recap items and only a brief question and answer period. We leapt straight into a “code-along” with the series of videos from This makes this wrap-up very short!

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for August 7, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

There were only a few “recap” items this week. First off, Drush now requires different versions depending on what version of Drupal you’re working with, and this article explains how to run them all together. Next up, we noted the existence of a project to dig through Drupal core and understand what’s going on. Finally, we noted that the new University map had officially launched this week.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for July 31, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

We started with a quick observation on unused web pages, and then moved on to this week’s short and sweet Drupal-related news: DrupalCamp Ottawa just went by; DrupalCamp Toronto 2016 has been announced; and Drupal Global Training Days were announced for August 21 and 22, 2015.

Web accessibility tip: Create HTML web pages rather than documents

HTML (web pages) vs. PDF

Reading HTML online is generally a better experience than reading a PDF online. With good HTML, the user can choose a font size so the text is easy to read, and the paragraphs are laid out to match the user's preference.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for July 24, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

In Drupal-related news this week: DrupalCamp Ottawa is on now, which will hopefully generate some videos and/or slides; the Chair of DrupalCamp Bristol posted an interesting article on tips and feedback from organising a DrupalCamp; we discovered’s topic suggestion page; the Modules Unraveled training videos are now free for everyone; Angela “webchick” Bryon posted a complete list of Drupal 7 modules sorted by popularity; and finally, all of the WCMS team’s Drupal North Highlights blog posts have been published.

Drupal North Highlights: Kevin Paxman

Drupal North

There's always a few sessions at Drupal gatherings that are more generic - about tools that any web developer might use, regardless of platform. For me, among these sessions, the highlight was Trevor Kjorlien's talk, "Then He KSS’ed Me": Automatically Generating Living Style Guides With 'KSS'.

Drupal North Highlights: Tyler Struyk

Drupal North

Decoupled Drupal was a hot topic at Drupal North. There were over 5 sessions spanning the 3 tracks: business, front-end, and back-end. They ranged from "Selling Decoupled Drupal" to turning your Drupal site into a RESTful API.

Drupal North Highlights: Michael Tjendra

As an aspiring project manager, I was thrilled to learn that “Exposing Project Management’s Scary Language: The Truth About Starting a Project” was offered at the 2015 Drupal North Regional Summit in Toronto. I am interested in learning more about managing software development projects, and in gaining insights that will be helpful in obtaining my Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for July 17, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week in Drupal news, NYC Camp has started, and hopefully will post some of their sessions online; the schedule for next week’s DrupalCamp Ottawa has been posted; the minimum PHP version for Drupal 8 has moved to 5.5.9; the WCMS team’s “Drupal North Highlights” series of blog posts has started to be posted and will continue throughout next week; and the WCMS web development roadmap has been updated to show what’s being worked on in the team’s current sprint.

Drupal North Highlights: Nathan Vexler

Drupal North

Thanks to the powers of knowing the French language (and myself being the only almost-native French speaker on the WCMS team), I was the only WCMS developer to attend the Vagrant Drupal Development (VDD) session at this year’s Drupal North conference. Vagrant Drupal Development is a fully configured and ready to use development environment built with VirtualBox, Vagrant, Linux and Chef Solo provisioner.

Drupal North Highlights: Eric Bremner

Drupal North

Two of the sessions I went to during Drupal North were about theming: Creating a Drupal 8 Theme with Node.js, LibSass, Gulp & BrowserSync and Drupal 8 Theme System: hook_theme() to Twig Template. Two points of interest I took from these sessions:

Drupal North Highlights: Lily Yan

Drupal North

When I attended Drupal North in Toronto, I was very interested in the session D8 Test Drive - Module Development given by Nick Selvaggio.

From this session, I learned the module development changes in Drupal 8 and how to set up a simple module using a Symfony controller.

Drupal North Highlights: Liam Morland

Drupal North

There were two sessions I would like to highlight.

Drupal North Highlights: Chris Shantz

Drupal North

The highlights from this year’s conference for me were two of the keynotes. For both of these talks the theme was about content and how we need to move beyond thinking of content on a desktop or mobile device.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for July 10, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

It’s Friday, and time for another Web Dev Rev! We started out noting that DrupalCon Barcelona’s early bird discount ends today, and that NYC Camp (apparently pronounced “Nice Camp”) looks very interesting, and is free if anyone should happen to be visiting New York next week.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for July 3, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

After a week off, Web Dev Rev is back!

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for June 19, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

We started off with our regular “housekeeping” announcements. This week, the WCMS reached 500 sites, and there was much rejoicing.

Web accessibility tip: Caption videos in YouTube and Vimeo

Captions are essential for those who cannot hear or have difficulty hearing the audio. They also help non-native English speakers who may find reading easier to comprehend. Video search results with captions also rank higher than those without captions (auto-captions do not get indexed by Google and therefore do not help Search Engine Optimization).

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for June 12, 2015

Our first piece of news was an understated triumph – the WCMS 1.11 release has finally had its last critical bug sorted out and has started rolling out, with development servers having just been updated, and the production server update planned for Monday night.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for June 5, 2015

We started out by ceding the floor to special guest Jonathan Woodcock, sharing information about the WCMS responsive redevelopment project.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for May 29, 2015

After last week’s demo-fest, this week’s Web Dev Rev was relatively streamlined.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for May 22, 2015

As DrupalCon Los Angeles occurred the week previously, we started by noting that many (if not all) of the session videos were online, both on the site and on the Drupal Association channel on YouTube.

Web accessibility tip: Keep colour contrast in mind for images with text

Foreground (text) against background colours must provide enough contrast to allow colour blind users or those using a monochrome screen to view information. A good contrast checking tool is WCAG Contrast checker (Firefox extension).

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for May 8, 2015

This Friday’s WCMS Web Dev Rev meeting started the announcement that Drupal 7.37 has been released. It’s currently running on 2 of our internal servers, plus many of our developer’s local servers. Currently plans are to roll it out everywhere in our Tuesday morning maintenance window, though that may be pushed back if issues are discovered.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for May 1, 2015

In this Friday’s WCMS Web Dev Rev meeting, we started by making it official – these “Friday morning 11:00am WCMS discussion/planning/training meetings” are now the “WCMS Web Dev Rev” meetings (a name conceived after last week’s meeting). Recaps will be available here on this blog shortly after each meeting.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for April 24, 2015

In this Friday’s WCMS Web Dev Rev meeting, we started by reminding folks that the WCMS had just released version 1.10.2 overnight, and that Drupal North registration (which is free!) is now open.