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May 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for May 29, 2015

After last week’s demo-fest, this week’s Web Dev Rev was relatively streamlined.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for May 22, 2015

As DrupalCon Los Angeles occurred the week previously, we started by noting that many (if not all) of the session videos were online, both on the site and on the Drupal Association channel on YouTube.

Web accessibility tip: Keep colour contrast in mind for images with text

Foreground (text) against background colours must provide enough contrast to allow colour blind users or those using a monochrome screen to view information. A good contrast checking tool is WCAG Contrast checker (Firefox extension).

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for May 8, 2015

This Friday’s WCMS Web Dev Rev meeting started the announcement that Drupal 7.37 has been released. It’s currently running on 2 of our internal servers, plus many of our developer’s local servers. Currently plans are to roll it out everywhere in our Tuesday morning maintenance window, though that may be pushed back if issues are discovered.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for May 1, 2015

In this Friday’s WCMS Web Dev Rev meeting, we started by making it official – these “Friday morning 11:00am WCMS discussion/planning/training meetings” are now the “WCMS Web Dev Rev” meetings (a name conceived after last week’s meeting). Recaps will be available here on this blog shortly after each meeting.