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December 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for December 18, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week in Web Dev Rev notes: the IST website launches responsive; some Chat-ops pitfalls and tips; how page weight doesn't matter (if done properly); Masonry layout using flexbox instead of JavaScript; and an article about how certificate changes could stop people with older browsers from being able to view secure sites (with a typically BuzzFeed-y panicky headline).

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for December 11, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week in Web Dev Rev notes: Larry Garfield reflects on the Drupal 8 release with his article, Drupal 8: Happy, but not satisfied; a classic web design and development advent calendar, 24 ways, is back again this year; and we reviewed some tips for creating and exporting better SVGs for the web.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for December 4, 2015

WCMS Web Dev Rev

After a "straightforward" week last week, this week we had lots of Web Dev Rev notes: Drupal 8.0.1 was released; Drupal has announced a new core release cycle, and we saw that Drupal 7 gets security fixes only once Drupal 8.4.x (the long term support build) is released, which is expected to be late 2017; PHP 7.0.0 was released; there's an article on about the dos and don'ts of getting support in IRC; Adobe has announced that the next release of what was called Flash Professional will be called Adobe Animate, to better reflect that it is no longer limited to creating Flash content; SVGs can be animated, and if you're doing so, you should take into consideration this article: Animated SVG vs GIF [CAGEMATCH]; this is the season for advent calendars, and an interesting one is The Content Strategy Advent Calendar (link no longer available); there was video available for the webinar we watched earlier in the week, Drupal 8: The Crash Course, and there's a Git repo to go with the video; Google has some interesting new tools to analyze images; and there's a nifty game for learning flexbox, Flexbox Froggy.