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May 2016

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for May 20, 2016

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week during Web Dev Rev note time, we looked at the proposed sessions for Drupal North, why it's a complex issue to move Drupal to GitHub, the Drupal Association membership drive (with a limited time free certificate), Angie "Webchick" Byron's ultimate guide to Drupal 8, how Drupal can integrate with Amazon's Alexa, and the funeral for Drupal 6 at DrupalCon New Orleans.

WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for May 13, 2016

WCMS Web Dev Rev

This week in Web Dev Rev notes: DrupalCon New Orleans just ended, and the location for the next DrupalCon in North America was announced; videos from DrupalCon New Orleans have already been posted; during his DrupalCon keynote, Dries announced the Content Workflow Initiative for Drupal 8; Dries wrote a blog post following up on outside-in editing, talking about how it could work with contexts; a detailed look at contrib module ports to Drupal 8; and another blog post about how comments are important, this time talking about what you should always comment on in your CSS.