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WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for June 9, 2017

WCMS Web Dev RevThis week's Web Dev Rev notes are: MiniCamp Atlanta is a virtual Drupal camp happening on Friday the 16th; Drupal 7.55 and Drupal 8.3.3 were released; where Drupal 8's Webform module came from, and where it's going; some concerns about requiring Composer for CMSes; CSS's text-decoration-skip for underline appearance control; Safari Technology Preview 31 release notes; some sites are going back to the bad old days of requiring a specific browser; and finally, a demo site for variable web fonts.

We then finished watching "Becoming Polyglot" from Craft Conference, and moved on to "Moving our company site from Drupal 7 to 8: sharing our experience" from DrupalCamp New Jersey 2017.

Unfortunately, the video seems to start midway through the presentation. Mentioned during the talk was a blog post about files, and that seems to be "Bringing files along for the ride to D8". We finished the video, so the next Web Dev Rev will be all new.

There will be no Web Dev Rev on June 16th, in favour of virtually attending MiniCamp Atlanta. The next Web Dev Rev will be on Friday, June 23rd at 11:00am, in EC2 1021. Hope to see you there!