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Web accessibility tip: Create HTML web pages rather than documents

HTML (web pages) vs. PDF

Reading HTML online is generally a better experience than reading a PDF online. With good HTML, the user can choose a font size so the text is easy to read, and the paragraphs are laid out to match the user's preference.

Web accessibility tip: Caption videos in YouTube and Vimeo

Captions are essential for those who cannot hear or have difficulty hearing the audio. They also help non-native English speakers who may find reading easier to comprehend. Video search results with captions also rank higher than those without captions (auto-captions do not get indexed by Google and therefore do not help Search Engine Optimization).

Web accessibility tip: Keep colour contrast in mind for images with text

Foreground (text) against background colours must provide enough contrast to allow colour blind users or those using a monochrome screen to view information. A good contrast checking tool is WCAG Contrast checker (Firefox extension).