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Drupal update to 7.54 and WCMS version 2.4.1 release

Thursday, March 16, 2017

All WCMS responsive websites, single page sites and conference sites are being upgraded to Drupal 7.54 and WCMS version 2.4.1. This upgrade is scheduled to be deployed to pilot sites overnight on Thursday March 16, and production sites starting on Tuesday March 21, 2017.

Non-responsive and publication sites are not affected by this release.

These release notes are subject to change without notice until the final release date.


  • Embedded image galleries now function properly.
  • Image galleries now appear wide width when on wide width pages.
  • Image galleries now use properly-resized images for thumbnails instead of loading and scaling the full image.
  • Mousing over an image gallery image only displays the caption.
  • Image gallery captions now stay in the correct format when editing.
  • Site managers can now use moderation controls on the node pages for image galleries (as other users were able to do already).
  • For homepage banners, at sizes where the caption "collapses" into an "info" link, clicking the link to show the caption will now pause the slideshow, and changing banners will close the caption.
  • Web form "listing page image for social media" will no longer display on the page.
  • The Workbench create/manage content page should now properly show all available content types.
  • Metatags for images will now only select the first available image, instead of every available image, preventing server timeouts this was causing.
  • Events that cross between months will now show both months on the listing page.
  • Embedded calls to action no longer call themselves home page banners in some areas of the admin UI.
  • You can now specify the dir="rtl" attribute for languages that read right to left, such as Arabic, and have the text align correctly. (You can also specify dir="ltr" if needed.)
  • Person profiles promoted to the home page are more random (when JavaScript is enabled).
  • Editing pages for all standard content types now include links to documentation for that content type.
  • Updated 3 contrib modules.

Theming changes

  • Fixed a number of issues related to accessibility.
  • Image gallery captions now display correctly.
  • "Information for" in "responsive" menu no longer has a transparent background when JavaScript is disabled.
  • Fixed several appearance issues for Facts and Figures. Facts and Figures in the sidebar should now display correctly.
  • "Closed" and "hours change" dates and times in the Services content type no longer pick up extra formatting.
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