WCMS version 1.8 release

Friday, February 7, 2014

Version 1.8 of the Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) has been released.

WCMS Version 1.8


  • Significant changes to events, including a mini-calendar with link to a full calendar, a new event type taxonomy, filterable listing pages, logical sort order, collapsible sections in the right sidebar, free tags, and more.
  • Added the option to have promotional items display a random item from a user-defined set when the page refreshes.
  • Updated web form functionality, which uses a new token functionality. Existing forms should be double-checked. New features include same-page conditionals, conditional email sending, and token support on submission confirmation pages.
  • Added the ability to embed certain Mailman mailing list subscription forms.
  • Added the ability for site managers to edit blog tags.
  • Added a template for quick links to the editor for items that appear in the sidebar. Use with caution; improper use will cause usability issues.
  • Added support for Twitter custom timelines.
  • Added a "view all" button to the dashboard underneath recent content.
  • Added an alumni role which can be automatically assigned when open authentication is enabled.
  • Added web services to news and events to support feeding information to the portal.
  • Numerous changes to the service content type, including several additional fields, ability to disable the search function, and modified landing page.
  • Numerous changes to the project content type, including several additional fields, and a new search function (that can be disabled).


  • Fixed contacts so that clicking a link within an "exposed" contact no longer automatically closes the contact. Note that browsers may not preserve shown/hidden state when traveling back and forth within the same browser window and tab, but this will prevent the state changing when opening links in new tabs/windows and external software (e.g. email links).
  • Added JavaScript to automatically open collapsed content items when users visit an anchor contained within.
  • Removed the ability to archive from the "/edit" screen, and removed the ability to go from draft to archive.
  • Removed default text from multi-column templates in the editor.
  • Added an additional three-column template to the site footer content type to properly accommodate the new faculty, department and school logos.
  • Fixed image galleries so that they clear floats, ensuring that the gallery always appears in the correct spot.
  • In events, removed the link to export the event calendar when there are no upcoming events.
  • Made events default to "promote to front".
  • Removed the last of the "read more" links from blog listing pages, and made the topics listing page match the appearance of the main listing page.
  • Made all links to blog tags go to the same URL, and set up automated redirects from the old URL structure to the new structure.
  • Fixed blog post by audience filters.
  • Fixed accessibility issue with web forms when select elements with the "other" option are used.
  • Fixed web form error message appearing with every radio button in a set, instead of just once before all buttons.
  • Fixed web form FillPDF download filenames when tokens are used.
  • Resolved some issues with web form submission access permissions.
  • CSS changed for custom listing pages to make the appearance match person profile listing pages.
  • Updated LiveStream support so that more secure browsers can also display the feed.
  • Updated print CSS to remove items that only have on-screen meaning.
  • Fixed rendering issue with home page banner slideshow controls in the latest OSX Safari.
  • Removed unused "weight" field from web page content type.
  • Updated the events iCal file to map the Drupal location field to the iCal location field.
  • Updated the module that provides maps to bring back the ability to zoom.
  • Fixed various rearrangement views to not default to alphabetical order.
  • Updated image uploads to read "Add an image" rather than "Add a file".
  • Adjusted the postal code in the global footer to prevent it splitting into two lines in some circumstances.
  • Fixed term lock error when editing taxonomies.
  • Limited various WatIAM fields to 8 characters.
  • Fixed spelling error on the add CAS user page.
  • Fixed various duplicate content issues on listing pages and regions.
  • Changed "unpublish this revision" to read "unpublish this content".
  • Fixed capitalization of "Related links".
  • Fixed some French translations.
  • Removed "user has been protected" message when editing users.
  • Updated a number of contrib modules.

Themes changes

  • Updated header and footer to match new visual identity, including the current university logo; header and footer images have been made retina-ready; changed yellow throughout to match new standard.
  • Various adjustments made to CSS to remove colour contrast violations and errors.
  • Updated to HTML5 DOCTYPE.
  • Added Windows 8 "start screen tile" and mobile icons to the theme.
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