WCMS 2.7.1 release

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

All WCMS "FDSU", single page, conference and publication sites are being upgraded to WCMS 2.7.1. This release does not affect UWaterloo Scholar sites.

This upgrade is scheduled to be deployed to pilot sites overnight on Thursday, May 30, and to production sites starting on Monday, June 3.

These release notes are subject to change without notice.

Responsive sites

Note: Some of these changes may also apply to Single Page, Conference and Publication sites.


  • The Embedded Timeline content type has added "vertical by month" and "vertical by year" timeline styles that show a continuous vertical timeline as opposed to the existing scrollable horizontal timeline.
  • Notifications can now be sent to Microsoft Teams when content is set to "needs review" and/or "published", and/or when web forms receive submissions.
  • The WYSIWYG editor (CKEditor) now includes an accessibility checker.
  • Image fields now support Waterloo Photos as a source (requires access to Waterloo Photos).


  • Embedded timelines no longer disappear when the site cache has not been recently cleared.
  • Removed the "description above field" option for web form components as the description is always above the field.
  • Searching in the Services content type now finds information containing all of the words in any order, instead of only finding information that contained the exact string.
  • Selecting an author from the listing page for the Publications content type will no longer show all content for all authors with the same last name.
  • The drop-down for selecting an author from the listing page for the Publications content type no longer removes additional authors with the same last name.
  • Embedding a Twitter timeline now validates that the timeline name only contains valid characters.
  • Google Analytics can now track the "done" page for the Web Form content type.
  • Modified the method used by the Web Form content type to improve spam prevention when the form creator has elected to leave the reCAPTCHA option disabled.
  • Embedding the same image gallery more than once on a single page will now work correctly.
  • On sites where authentication is required, sites should no longer intermittently reject users who should have access.
  • Information added to the additional info field in the location section of the Event content type is once again displayed on the event page.
  • Information in the Calls to Action and Facts and Figures content types is no longer missing when certain character combinations are used.
  • Metadata on the page in the Events content type now meets Google's current standards.
  • Information entered for the site footer social media widgets is now validated to ensure it meets the expected format.
  • Improved consistency of how we ask for information for the site footer social media widgets.
  • Sitemaps no longer exclude items in the "information for" menu, so all site content should be included.
  • The Awards content type now includes additional information in the downloadable report.
  • Users with access to web form results should now be able to see results for forms that have been unpublished.
  • Updated some links in the global footer to bypass redirects.
  • Approximately 40 contrib modules updated.

Theming changes

  • The editing area in the WYSIWYG editor (CKEditor) is now fluid width.
  • The link to download an .iCal file of all events has been renamed from "calendar" to "export" to avoid confusion with users expecting to see a calendar page.
  • The navigation menu that appears at narrower widths is more accessible and can now be operated from the keyboard. Known issues: the appearance when selecting nested menu items has changed; the menu is not the correct width when logged in.
  • Issues with formatting of bibliography citations are now fixed for users with and without JavaScript.
  • The "service summary" field shown when editing in the Service content type now fits properly within the width of the screen.
  • Improved the ability to select text within information on a contact listing page.
  • Improved the appearance of the events calendar.
  • Facebook widgets now appear correctly when used in promo items.
  • The page title of the archive pages for the Event and News content types now includes the date associated with the archive being viewed.
  • Content editors no longer see links in the admin area for options they do not have access to.
  • Fixed the padding of the alert box for the Special Alert content type.
  • Re-enabled validation of URLs entered in link fields, as now any top-level domain (TLD) is supported.
  • Various accessibility improvements have been made.

Single Page


  • The "generic" header and footer options are now available for single page sites, on request (subject to approval).


  • Uploading a banner image will no longer cause a notice about an "undefined index".
  • The navigation menu that appears at narrower widths now renders the menu button correctly.
  • Updated some links in the global footer to bypass redirects.

Publication sites


  • Publication articles that belong to more than one publication category will no longer appear multiple times in content management displays.
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