WCMS version 1.9 release

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Version 1.9 of the Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) has been released. View the What’s new in WCMS version 1.9 presentation.


  • Added the ability for site managers to delete files from the file listing page.
  • Added filters for date updated and content author/updater to the full page "All recent content" page, to help find stale content or content from a specific user.
  • Added the ability to provide information from WatIAM when viewing web form results for CAS-authenticated users.
  • Added serial number capability to web forms.
  • Improved reliability when exporting web form data to Excel when dates are present.
  • Added WCMS-wide Google analytics code alongside existing local code.
  • Added the ability to add captions to photos in image galleries.
  • Added the ability to embed Tableau visualizations served from the iap-reporting site.
  • Added a style to the editor to support stacked images without any vertical padding, and with vertical padding that matches column spacing.
  • Added styles to the editor to allow proper markup of inserted and deleted text.
  • Added "first name" and "last name" to all site users. By default, this is populated from WatIAM for all CAS users, though the information can be edited.
  • Added "employers" role, which can be manually assigned by site managers to any user on the site, to assist with restricting access to specific web forms.
  • Added the .bib extension to the list of allowed file uploads.
  • Added artsservices.uwaterloo.ca to the list of Mailman providers for the Mailman subscription widget.
  • Added the ability to add multiple CAS users at one time.


  • Prevented the ability to create redirects that linked to non-existent internal URLs.
  • Restricted the ability to alter certain aspects of the home page to prevent possible site-breaking actions.
  • Unpublished content now returns "404 not found" for anonymous users, instead of "403 access denied". This adds unpublished content that has been linked to elsewhere to the broken links report.
  • Improved consistency of sticky on top behaviour across content types.
  • Preventing fragments of widgets from displaying on teasers.
  • Added alt text requirement for images in image galleries.
  • Prevented adding invalid characters when creating manual URL aliases.
  • Updated the link checker so that it will no longer report missing anchors when, on the destination page, the equals sign following the attribute has spaces on either or both sides.
  • Fixed the ability to delete service category taxonomy terms.
  • Fixed the blog topic block in the sidebar so that they always use a working link.
  • Removed automatic removal of certain roles for non-CAS users.
  • Prevented non-CAS login for CAS users which was possible when a password was assigned.
  • Updated caching so that saving a page immediately clears the server cache for that page.
  • Prevented displaying the underline for items tagged with <u> in the editor, as that tag will be stripped out.
  • Adjusted the hidden CAPTCHA so that it is automatically enabled when web forms are created.
  • Updated web forms so that the URL alias is shown on form submission instead of the version of the URL using the node ID.
  • Fixed an issue in web forms where the order of the label and description for "other" in select items would appear in the wrong order.
  • Gave the workbench file list page a proper title.
  • Fixed the news by audience block in the sidebar to properly display nested audiences.
  • Adjusted the monthly archive block for blogs to display in the same format as other date-based archive blocks.
  • Ensured quick tabs on the create/manage content page match the list of content types.
  • Made the allowed file types consistent amongst all file fields.
  • Limited the warning about nesting blog topics from all taxonomies except the blog tag taxonomy.
  • Removed links to unused taxonomy term listing pages when editing taxonomies.
  • Content listing pages now display a "no content found"-style message when there is no content.
  • Removed content that users did not have access to from the content listing page. Postponed.
  • Added the ability to allow deleting of drafts if they are the current revision.
  • Removed the ability to archive content from the needs review stage.
  • Fixed the escaping of URLs in the audience panel items.
  • Adjusted the sorting for links under site management and vocabularies.
  • Improved login/logout handling.
  • Updated a number of links that were being redirected to their new locations.
  • Updated file fields to have consistent labels.
  • Updated a number of contrib modules and libraries.

Theming changes

  • Prevented pages being cut off when printing when "fit to page" was unchecked.
  • Prevented event calendars from overflowing their boundaries in certain conditions.
  • Prevented blog tags below blog entries from overflowing their boundaries in certain conditions.
  • Prevented select lists from overflowing their boundaries in certain conditions.
  • Improved consistency of indenting lists in the sidebar.
  • Updated the width of the day of the week when entering hours of operation so that days do not overlap other text.
  • Cleaned up a number of inconsistent uses of CSS.

See also: Maintenance releases bring WCMS to 1.9.4

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