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WCMS version 2.5.0 release

Thursday, August 10, 2017

All WCMS responsive, single page, conference and publication sites are being upgraded to 2.5.0. Non-responsive sites are not affected by this release.

This upgrade is tentatively scheduled to be deployed to pilot sites overnight on Thursday, August 10, and production sites starting Monday, August 14.

This upgrade to WCMS 2.5.0 was delayed for infrastructure improvements, and contains additional changes since it was originally announced. 

These release notes are subject to change without notice until the final release date.

Publication sites


  • Publication sites move into the responsive profile.
  • Facts and figures embeds should now work as expected.
  • Removed space after comma between issue name and themes on articles.
  • Unpublishing a node now removes it from the menu.

Conference sites


  • Inserting links to file upload on a web page now works as expected.
  • Unpublishing a node now removes it from the menu.
  • Sponsor page and the sponsor carousel are now in the same order.
  • Sponsor and speaker group labels can now be rearranged as expected.
  • Advertisements can now be rearranged.
  • Revised help text for advertisements.
  • The blog widget now correctly pulls blog content.
  • The correct admin theme now appears on the admin/people page.

Responsive and Single Page WCMS sites

Note: some of these changes may also apply to publication and conference sites.


  • YouTube carousels (playlists) are now supported.
  • Added .key (Keynote presentations) as an allowed file type in content type uploads.
  • Added Snapchat to available social media choices in the site footer.
  • Hootsuite Campaigns can now be embedded.
  • Added the University of Waterloo to site title tags for improved SEO.
  • Added the Survey Research Centre and Waterloo Institues for Complexity & Innovation logos to the available options for site footers.
  • Updated endpoints for contacts and homepage banner so they will feed out to open data.
  • Slack notifications can now be sent when submissions are made to web forms.


  • Sentence case is now used for all content type names (e.g. "Web Page" is now "Web page").
  • Sticky table headers now properly line up with their respective columns.
  • The "no-JavaScript" search page now works.
  • Blog posts now have the remote URL option for file uploads.
  • When embedding multiple image galleries on one page, all galleries should now perform as expected, regardless of the options selected.
  • Automatic headings in the services content type are now correctly tagged as headings.
  • Search heading changed to “Choose global or local search”.
  • Improved the handling of summaries on the events listing page.
  • Embedded content types now ensure that the selected node is the correct type.
  • Person profiles promoted to the home page once again display the teaser on the home page instead of the full profile.
  • All day events now appear correctly when filtering by date.
  • Animated GIFs should now work correctly when they are resized. Be very cautious using animated GIFs as they often have accessibility issues, and be sure to provide alt text that appropriately describes the GIF. If you encounter an animated GIF that has issues with resizing, please submit an RT and include the GIF file in question.
  • Image galleries are no longer displaying HTML from captions above the gallery.
  • Additional information for contacts will remain in the correct text format when the field is left blank.
  • Link fields now accept any top-level domain (TLD), e.g. .center.
  • Non-administrative users are now prevented from editing user 1, modifying CAS accounts associated with users, and editing accounts of administrative users.
  • Writing tips now open in a new window or tab.
  • Blog posts now include the blog listing page in the breadcrumbs.
  • Alt text for single page home banners now includes the complete text.
  • In the editor, embedded call to action items can now be double-clicked to edit.
  • For single page sites, selecting remote events should now work regardless of the number of events on the remote site.
  • For single page sites, remote events will now show the end date if provided.
  • 45 contrib modules were updated.

Theming changes

  • Added the University's Snapchat link to the global footer.
  • Field labels for MailChimp embeds now appear on the correct lines.
  • Improved the display of dates for repeating events.
  • The “select pull-down menu” width on web forms is now the correct width in Firefox.
  • Updated the Call to Action roll-over colours for the Affiliated and Federated Institutions of Waterloo.
  • Links on the service listing page can now be selected at all browser widths when users are logged in and the menu is open.
  • When a child menu is open, the parent menu text can no longer extend overtop of the arrow.
  • The page no longer has a black background that could only be seen at narrower widths when content extended beyond the normal page boundaries, as in tables with the "non-responsive" class.
  • The yellow used in Call to Actions and Facts and Figures now matches.
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