WCMS version 2.6.0 release

Monday, November 6, 2017

All WCMS sites (except Scholar sites) are being upgraded to 2.6.0.

This upgrade is tentatively scheduled to be deployed to pilot sites overnight on Thursday, November 30, and to production sites starting on Tuesday, December 5.

These release notes are subject to change without notice until the final release date.

Responsive sites

Note: Some of these changes may also apply to Single Page, Conference and Publication sites.


  • New granular webform results access - site managers with web form editor permissions can now give users permission to view the results for specific web forms
  • Site managers for "authentication required" websites can now individually customize the messages displayed when users have not yet logged in, and have logged in but have been denied access to the site.
  • Added TeamDynamix embeds.


  • Opportunities is now capitalized in the breadcrumbs and when on an opportunity page, the breadcrumbs don’t include the current page
  • Removed unneeded "Preview" button from content type editing pages
  • Fixed custom markers on Event maps
  • Opportunities content type no longer shows the file and image upload fields on the published page
  • Changing an embedded facts and figure item now updates the content of nodes where they are used
  • Wide page width now available in the editor for news, events and person profiles
  • Fixed an error that appeared when the default language of a site was non-English and the News content type is enabled
  • Added missing wide body image format when inserting images for Blogs
  • Slack notifications now support URLs for both Slack and the official University of Waterloo Mattermost
  • Site managers can now see open authentication status
  • Fixed issue where Events listing page would show images from the body in addition to the listing page image
  • Fixed "missing text format" error for the Contact content type
  • Help text for Hootsuite campaigns now indicates the correct URL
  • Restored autofill of fields in the Contact content type when a WatIAM userID is entered
  • Embeds in the sidebar that require JavaScript to work should now function as expected
  • Recurring events now show the correct date for subsequent sessions on the listing page
  • Embedded timeline is now available to Content editors
  • The editor no longer removes the <footer> html tag from blockquotes
  • 19 contrib modules were updated

Theming changes

  • Accessibility Changes:
    • Increased use of ARIA
    • Removed @accesskey
    • Expand/collapse of contacts is now controlled by a button
  • Validation/accessibility: Removed @aria-controls
  • Validation changes:
    • Removed meta content-language
    • Fixed an issue where the itemprop attribute was specified, but the element is not a property of any item
    • Responsive menu now passes HTML validation 
    • Removed itemprop attribute because it is no longer used
    • Removed duplicate @id in uw_home_theme

Single Page


  • New Video Banners - video banners of 3MB or less can now be added to single page sites.


  • Site footer elements should now work as expected
  • Call to Action buttons now display correctly on a new site
  • The site name in the footer now uses an accessible colour combination when a logo is not selected

Publication sites


  • The 3 column template now works as expected

Conference sites


  • Manage conference sponsor now only displays one order and adds the sponsor level to views
  • Fixed inconsistent menu behaviours
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