Accessibility evaluation tools are a handy resource for anyone who wants to ensure that the site they are developing meets established accessibility standards.

It is very important to keep in mind that no evaluation tool has been developed that can completely replace human testing.

Information and resources

Browser accessibility functions

Use the browser’s accessibility functions (e.g. text size, zoom, no page style, navigating with the keyboard) to determine whether or not the site responds as expected to those functions.

Add-ons and toolbars

Extend the capability of Chrome/Firefox to help you easily find accessibility issues.

Accessibility checkers

Single page and document evaluation tools.

  • WebAIM WAVE: single page checker (we recommend the WAVE Toolbar).
  • AChecker: single page checker

Video accessibility

Web accessibility tip: Caption videos in YouTube and Vimeo

Document accessibility

Web accessibility tip: Create HTML web pages rather than documents

Writing for the web

Color analyzers

Web accessibility tip: Keep colour contrast in mind for images with text

Assistive technologies

Code validators