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Web accessibility working group

Objectives of working group

With AODA website accessibility legislation in effect, many website maintainers at uWaterloo have questions about website‐accessibility requirements: what the requirements are; how to meet the requirements; training and support available; university governance on website accessibility.
The goal of this working group is to identify and address gaps in information, training and support required for uWaterloo website maintainers pertaining to the AODA website accessibility legislation.


The working group is accountable to:
  • Web Advisory Committee (WAC)
  • Web Steering Committee
  • University administration leading AODA compliance at uWaterloo

Working group report

See: uw-web-accessibility-working-group-2013-03-13.pdf

Recommendations of the working group

  1. Policy for governance and compliance
  2. Training and support plan for 2000+ web maintainers
  3. Develop and hire expertise in web-accessibility to support the plan
  4. Procure services in web-accessibility where required
  5. Draft and implement a University wide communications plan on requirements and related support
  6. Specify and implement procurement requirements for external web-service providers
  7. Define and implement a website accessibility audit process
  8. Draft recommendations for archival content (predating Jan 1, 2012)
  9. Contact peer institutions regarding their planning

Questions or concerns? Please contact Jonathan Woodcock, ext. 31859