Google Search Appliance

In order to improve the quality of web content searches on campus, the University has acquired a Google Search Appliance (GSA). 

The search appliance is located on campus and indexes the uWaterloo web space by crawling public facing pages.  The GSA launched on October 2, 2012.

Summary of features

  • Guaranteed search results, including ‘People’ results.
  • Customizable style to reflect the campus look and feel.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.
  • Ability to search content or metadata of specific document types (e.g. PDF).
  • Ability to define synonyms for keywords/search terms.
  • Ability to exclude results.
  • GSA resides on-campus therefore faster response time.

Do you have web pages you don’t want searched?

Pages will not be indexed if they are password protected or have a suitable robots.txt file

If you have been deliberately hiding content by only allowing on-campus IP addresses to access your site, the search appliance may index your content and make it available to the outside world through page previews.  If you have such a site, it is recommended that you password protect it if possible, or add a robots.txt file that indicates it should not be crawled. 

If this is not an option, please send email to so we can arrange to have your content excluded from crawling by some other means.


To provide feedback please use the 'Feedback' link in the search results page footer.